The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick

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The Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel FrederickThe Mother-Daughter Book Club by Heather Vogel Frederick
Series: The Mother-Daughter Book Club #1
Published by Simon & Schuster on April 22nd 2008
Genres: Middle Grade, Young Adult
Pages: 237
Format: Paperback
Source: Borrowed
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The book club is about to get a makeover....

Even if Megan would rather be at the mall, Cassidy is late for hockey practice, Emma's already read every book in existence, and Jess is missing her mother too much to care, the new book club is scheduled to meet every month.

But what begins as a mom-imposed ritual of reading Little Women soon helps four unlikely friends navigate the drama of middle school. From stolen journals, to secret crushes, to a fashion-fiasco first dance, the girls are up to their Wellie boots in drama. They can't help but wonder: What would Jo March do?

Acclaimed author Heather Vogel Frederick will delight daughters of all ages in a novel about the fabulousness of fiction, family, and friendship.

Main Points
Writing Style
Even though this is written for younger readers, I still enjoyed the writing. If a bit simple, she didn’t waste her time trying to describe too much. She told just the right amount of story. Some words even I didn’t know, however, so it kept me on my toes a bit. If not an intellectual read, it was worth reading just to see what happened next.
It was quite a nice story. Short and simple, yet enjoyable. There were certain points towards the beginning when I felt the characters’ despair, it was so tangible, and points towards the end when I could feel their happiness equally as well. It was a very compelling read, surprisingly. There were even several witty moments that I hadn’t seen coming.
I liked each of the four girls very much. Except for the first half of the book, when I hated Megan, and with good reason too. But even she came around. She was like the Draco Malfoy of the story- you knew she wasn’t really a bad guy, she just hung out with the wrong sort. Well, perhaps that analogy was a bit extreme. It was the first one I could think of. But yes, I liked how they were so different and each added to the story. Even the parents’ various disagreements and friendships were amusing to read about.
Ending (Spoilers, maybe?)
It seemed that things worked out a little too well for everyone in the end. Like, I would have expected a major issue such as Jess’s mom coming back to be drawn out to make room for a sequel, but no, that happened in the first book. So…what issues are there left to resolve in the five books after this one? I think that while reading the book, I noticed some things that would need clearing up in later books; not major things, but interesting things all the same.
Bottom Line
I really liked this book. Despite the simple writing style and story, it was interesting and still well-written. Will I be reading the rest of the series? Yes, but they aren’t priorities. The story wasn’t so complex that I would forget everything in a couple years when I pick up the next book. Would I recommend this book to people? Yes, I would. It’s a great read for young girls who may or may not be avid readers.

Similar To:
For some reason, this book reminds me a bit of an extremely toned down Pretty Little Liars. In the way of, there being four girls who are very different and go through school drama. (As you can see, I don’t read many books like this so I can’t come up with a better comparison) Of course, there’s no death and mystery and the girls aren’t all best friends from the beginning, but the outline is the same. It’s like a PLL for kids. I don’t know. If you liked this book but want something more your speed (if you usually read YA), then you should read PLL. Warning: it’s really intense and is set to be a 16 book series, each one jam-packed with intense storyline.

About Heather Vogel Frederick

Before I became a writer, I was a reader—and still am.

I was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire into a family of bookworms, and spent most of my childhood holed up in the library or in my bedroom, reading. My mother used to say that if Heather had her nose in a book, the house would have to burn down around her before she’d sit up and take notice! Those are the best books, though, aren’t they? The ones that take your imagination by storm and spirit you off into a different world?

My father was an elementary schoolteacher and principal, and every night before bed he’d read to me and my two younger sisters. He’s a talented actor (he performs in plays on Cape Cod all the time) and always came up with great voices for the characters. I think his finest role was as Aunt Sponge in Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach, performed in our living room.

I was also fortunate enough to be born into a family of what my grandmother called “big talkers”—talented storytellers, especially the women. I loved to hide behind chairs and sofas when my mother and grandmother and aunts got together and eavesdrop on their stories. My grandmother’s were the funniest and the best, and I begged to hear about her childhood in rural Nova Scotia over and over again.

Overall: three-stars


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