While-Listening Notes: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

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This is a post of notes I took while listening to this audiobook. It does include some spoilers, so read at your own risk. Note: You probably won’t understand what’s going on anyway if you haven’t read the book, so it might just bore you. But if you have read it, enjoy!

After Chapter 1:

  • The Corporation is basically a socialist government.
  • Most of the girls are really dumb, which isn’t surprising. [yes, I was totally stereotyping beauty queens]
  • For example, how do you not realize there is a tray lodged in your forehead?
  • Only 12 girls out of 60 survived? Dang, that’s a lot of bodies.
  • Footnotes are fun. I love all the names- of people, groups, products, etc.
  • The narration is really good. She does voices really well. But after the intro, it always seems like her narration voice is just an automated fake-happy Corporation propaganda broadcast. It’s kind of amusing.
Chapter 2:
  • Analogies EVERYWHERE. Descriptions perhaps overdone? [this bores me]
  • Mary Lou is a scaredy-cat!
  • Tiara is dumb as a BRICK!
  • How convenient that all the adults are dead.
  • Nicole is clearly plagued by racism. Perhaps Shanti too?
  • The story is painfully honest, like Twenty Grand.
Chapter 3:
  • “Everybody else is dead.” “But what about the film crew?” Priceless.
  • Taylor is just a little too religious…
  • Good for Adina for challenging Taylor, because she’s obviously brain-damaged or stupid. Who cares about Teen Dream now?
  • Adina seems like the only one fit to challenge The Corporation.
  • Taylor’s a nut job. A well-qualified, well-liked nut job.
  • Oh good. She knows about that tray in her head. *phew*
  • “In the pageant of life, a girl picks up fallen sequins and turns them into a brand new dress of awesome.” Gotta love it.
Chapter 4:
  • Thank GOD Mary Lou knows what ludicrous means.
Chapter 5:
  • Adina’s fun facts page: depressing, scary, empowering.
  • She’s a real badass!
  • Secret agents involved now? What is this?
  • Commercial break! Yay for Lady Stache-Off! Yay for subtle government propaganda!
  • Petra’s fun facts page: boring and fairly traditional
Chapter 6:
  • I hope Petra finds her meds…whatever they are
  • Finally some race discussion. Go Nicole, even if it’s all a bit practiced. Shanti and Nicole are clearly enemies.
  • Jennifer is SCARY.
  • I’m so glad Petra found her meds…whatever they are
  • That fight between Adina and Taylor was SO inevitable. And enjoyable.
  • These little interjections are so informative. Yay for hopelessly confused history!
Chapter 7:
  • Yay for Jennifer and religious freedom!
  • I like how they censor everything, but then basically tell you what was said.
  • Snakes don’t eat girls. It just doesn’t happen.
  • Ha! She’s not dead! Take that, snake!
  • I officially ship Jennifer and Sosie.
  • It was probably a bomb…..
  • Ah. Now the commercial break makes sense.
  • Shanti’s fun facts page? Just a little braggy…
Chapter 8:
  • Boys Will Be Boys songs are quite possibly the best ever.
  • Because personalities can SO make you look fat.
  • Shanti’s a big fat liar! HA!
  • Even I could have predicted hallucinations…
  • Shanti’s got some serious failure issues.
  • Petra’s story is really, really sad. Identity issues?
  • Harris is an IDIOT.
  • Heheh. MoMo B. ChaCha. Heheh. General Good Times….nuff said.
  • PERFEECT antagonist voice. PERFECT.
Chapter 9:
  • Ok, breaking up the catfight was the ONE thing Taylor’s done so far to make me respect her.
  • Both Adina and Taylor have valid points in this argument…
  • I would not have eaten that grub. There’s no point. I would have either slapped Taylor or dropped it down her shirt.
Chapter 10:
  • haHA! I knew Petra was a boy!
  • Another parallel to LOTF- speaking baton instead of a shell.
  • I knew Taylor would react like that…but at least she’s got some sense…
Chapter 11:
  • Whoa! Tiara said a smartie!
  • The girls seem surprisingly efficient.
  • Adina and I have so much in common.
  • Why does everyone have so many issues?
Chapter 12:
  • I want to learn sign language now.
  • Sosie’s got some mad skillz!
Chapter 13:
  • WHAT is Tiara doing?
  • Seems to me like she’s got a smaller, more typical problem than the others….
  • Finally, it all comes out.
  • Well, mostly.
  • Taylor’s just a little obsessive…
  • Mary Lou is a sensual werewolf, clearly.
Chapter 14:
  • Better wake up, Sleeping Beauty.
  • I like the funny prince too!
  • This scene makes me happy.
  • But they ARE here! The Corporation IS on the island!
Chapter 15:
  • Yay! Finally! Go Jennifer and Sosie!
  • What is this. What is this Corporation crap.
  • At this point, I just want to see Taylor’s fun facts page…
Chapter 16:
  • If the girls get cancer, totally their fault.
  • I totally know how it is with Nicole’s hair. NOT an easy thing. “Like it was waiting for the right moment to stage a coup”…such an accurate description! Haha.
  • Ok, Nicole’s issue is obvious: her mother.
Chapter 17:
  • Yay for survival!
  • Ha! She ain’t savin you now, Taylor!
  • Finally, Taylor’s page.
Chapter 18:
  • Ah, so she’s got trust/betrayal issues.
  • “Some people were just too stupid to live.”
  • …including Harris.
  • Wild Taylor alert….
  • What the hell is it with The Corporation and earlobes?
Chapter 19:
  • “One less fighter on the side of fair.”
  • Taylor, don’t try to take them on when you’re still hallucinating…
Chapter 20:
  • I agree with Mary Lou.
  • …eye herpes? What?
  • What is it with Taylor and sparkle?
  • She actually seems stronger and more dangerous now.
Chapter 21:
  • Seriously? The cast of a show? This is ridiculous…
  • Oh my god, they’re total asses…and sexist….
  • Tragic spork incident….oh gosh, I love this guy.
  • You can’t LIKE Sinjin, the guy’s an idiot!
Chapter 22:
  • Well, fine. I guess Petra needs SOMEONE…
  • This Charles Dickens banter is so awesome.
  • So all of a sudden she’s sober? Okay……
  • This is the first real, normal scene in the entire book. Reminds me so much of Katsa and Po (Graceling)….
  • I am so proud of her in this moment.
Chapter 23:
  • It wasn’t a dream….
  • What- a- jerk! It’s not your fault, Adina.
  • Go Mary Lou! Vengeance!
  • Uh oh…not Jennifer and Sosie…..
  • Haha that commercial break is so backwards.
Chapter 24:
  • How is she doing all this while her mind is so addled?
  • Her list is full of mixed-up priorities.
  • She’s DANGEROUS!
  • Wow. She broke a nail. Oh no.
Chapter 25:
  • No, Duff, too late, you ruined everything….
  • Can’t blame Mary Lou…it’s a small island.
  • Ladybird is SO not into him.
  • But MoMo is hilarious….
  • Kill the MoMo!
  • Don’t kill the girls…that’s mean….
Chapter 26:
  • Mary Lou is like a bloodhound.
  • How come no one’s been worried about where Taylor’s been getting the shirt and gun?
  • Funny how the guys worry but the girls don’t…
  • Harris is STILL an idiot. Surprise surprise.
Chapter 27:
  • Adina’s anger is ruining her.
  • But her plan is a good one.
  • Taylor’s officially freaking me out.
  • Trap!
Chapter 28:
  • You idiots! Listen to Taylor! They don’t want to save you!
  • Come on, Adina! It’s so suspicious! Why would they be on the island anyway?
  • But…on the radio she said she’d given up the search…and now she’s saying she never gave up? You idiots, there is EVERY SIGN of a trap!
  • Ladybird’s being a bitch. No two ways about it.
Chapter 29:
  • Haha piranhas. Classy. And unoriginal.
  • I knew they could do it….
Chapter 30:
  • Come on, figure it out!! It’s a trap!!
  • Yay, Tiara does something useful! (about time)
Chapter 31:
  • But she’s still kinda dumb…
  • Harris is in the house!
  • Misogynist pig….
  • How much more idiotic can you get….
  • Being dead certainly does come in handy.
  • So you’re going to leave Taylor behind?
  • Oh, good, okay, go find Taylor….
  • I think she’s too far gone.
Chapter 32:
  • Yacht Systems. How creative. Not suspicious at all….
Chapter 33:
  • I was right! She IS too far gone! Adina used my exact words! Ha!
  • I love how they DON’T do anything when Shanti mentions the arms deal.
  • Uh, yeah they’re up to something! They’re basically giving everything away!
Chapter 35:
  • Hard to believe they only had to take out one guard.
  • Need to figure out a yacht? Try looking under ‘Yacht Systems’….snicker snicker
  • HA! Told you!
  • …another ship? What? That’s random.
Chapter 36:
  • How does Petra have ‘cleavage’ if she hasn’t had the operation…?
  • Haha! Perfect timing, Taylor!
  • RUN!
  • Please don’t die….
  • I KNEW it! I knew they’d come back!
Chapter 37:
  • Lol. Of course there’s two Katelyn Ashleys…
  • Revenge is best served on toast (:
  • I thought Taylor’s crazy was supposed to wear off….
  • In real life, those handmade weapons wouldn’t stand a chance.
Chapter 38:
  • Poor Tiara….
  • The snake is a little too coincidental.
  • Dumb is better than dead.
  • Haha, where did MoMo come from?
  • He tends to ruin things….
  • Go Taylor!
  • Haha, I know which moron that was…
  • That’s a lot of sayings.
  • Secretly Mexican….XD
  • Agent Jones. Nuff said.
  • She’s as crazy as Taylor….
  • System override? Try making a PowerPoint XD
Chapter 39:
  • Harris’ stupid PowerPoint thing actually came in handy…so did Agent Jones…
Chapter 40:
  • Good dream.
Chapter 41:
  • I respect Adina’s choice.
  • Wait- where’s Taylor? How come Agent Jones recovered and Taylor didn’t?
Chapter 42:
  • I guess Taylor’s in a better place now…
  • It’s funny how she’s the only one who never realizes that her idol was the one trying to kill them.
  • Well, I guess it all worked out.
  • “If we were on the Oregon Trail, they’d eat me first.” LOVE her.
  • She really makes me want to keep writing.
  • I also have a good understanding of mortality, I think.
  • And I can’t resist food.


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