Poem: What It Means to Be a Writer

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This was done for an English project. I feel like everything I write for that class turns out really well. I feel bad putting my writings on this blog (that wasn’t the original purpose) but as soon as I have amassed enough work I will most likely move it to a new blog.
On a more reviewer-like note: I have three books whose reviews were requested by authors that just came in the mail and one that I have started reading, and I know I have been a bit lacking in activity, but I will finish some books, I promise.
Here is the poem. I again used the much-neglected second person, and a special format that I don’t know the name of. Points for guessing the way I formatted it.

What It Means to Be a Writer
It’s not enough to just come up with words.
You must make them pleasant to listen to
And they definitely must be your own.
Don’t write what has been written.
Come up with something new.
It isn’t terribly difficult.
Just be creative.
And imagine.
Be encouraging.
Some can’t write.
You must teach them
To find their inner voice.
It’s your mission as a writer.
You must share the power of words.
Some people simply won’t learn, but others will.
Find those people; teach them to use the gift.
You must be sure to not steal from others.
It is tempting, but it is not right.
To take an idea here, so simple.
To use these words, so easy.
But what of the author?
Their words are stolen,
The message gone.
What’s left?
Don’t quit.
Don’t hold back.
Try sending a message
That will change people’s lives
And perhaps even greatly benefit humanity.
With words as your tools, why not?
Don’t you want to try changing the world?
The pen is mightier than the sword: it’s true.
If just for a second, you feel something click
If you can truly move just one person
If someone’s life is a little improved
Then you have done your job
And have done it well.
It is this simple:
Write for yourself.
For others.


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