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Hello readers! Today I was so excited to find that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award. I had seen this blog award before but did some research, and it is apparently to support new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. ‘Liebster’ means ‘nicest, dearest, or sweetest’ (etc.) in German. The award is a great way to spread the word about awesome up-and-coming bloggers!


  • link back to the blog that nominated you
  • answer the questions they asked on their post
  • nominate ten other blogs for the award and make sure to let them know (with a link to your post)
  • ask ten questions for the blogs you nominate to answer
  • share some random facts about yourself
Well, first of all I want to say a big thank-you to Nikita Johri who nominated me. She runs a nice little blog over at NjKinny’s World of Books, so check her out.

1. When and Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in August 2013 (just a few months ago!). I started because I had just recently rediscovered my reading obsession and wanted to do more with it. I was becoming more active with Goodreads and that led me to discover book review blogs, which I hadn’t known existed. I had been running a couple other blogs for a while, but just wasn’t as interested in them (and they didn’t have followers!) but found a significant change with book blogging.
2. Who, what, and/or where does your blogging inspiration come from?
I owe 99.9% of my blogging inspiration to Small Review. She has SUCH AN AMAZING BLOG and I wanted so badly to be like her. I modeled most of my blog design (and review format) after hers, with a few customizations. She was also one of my first followers.
3. What does you family think about your blogging?
They…they really aren’t that much into reading, so they don’t actually read my blog, but they support it, basically about the same amount as they support my other hobbies, like playing the piano, sculpting, etc.
4. What time of day do you write the best content for your blog?
I’m a night owl, so most of my posts are written between 7 pm and 10 pm.
5. What is your favorite quote?
NO NO NO. Rule #1: Never ask a book blogger about his/her favorite BOOK, SERIES, AUTHOR, QUOTE, or OTHER BOOK-RELATED PREFERENCES. There is never just ONE favorite. So I will take this question and expand it a little. What are some of my favorite quotes? No, not expanded enough. What are some books/series’ I prefer to quote from? Better.
I have to say Alice in Wonderland would definitely be a favorite. There are just SO MANY THINGS from that series that are quoteable. Curiouser and curiouser….
Also, the webcomic Homestuck. If you have not heard of it (how’s that rock you live under? Quite cozy?) then you might check it out. It contains basically every theme that could ever be written about, in comic form. And great music. I quote it constantly.
Also there might be some Harry Potter quotes thrown in randomly (in everyday situations). I have also adapted British speech patterns from Harry Potter, like using ‘er’ as a filler word instead of the English ‘uh’ or ‘um’.
6. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
France, no question. Paris perhaps. For so many reasons. Also because I’m taking my third year of French right now, and involved in many French organizations at my school. And because of Golden Age writers like Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, and Fitzgerald.
7. What makes you laugh out loud?
Myself, among other things. My friends. Nearly everything, actually.
8. If you were the main character in a movie, which actress/actor would you want to play your role?
Me. No one else could POSSIBLY do it right.
9. Who is your favorite Disney character?
Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. I always wanted to be her.
10.How did you come up with your blog’s name?
Well, I knew it had to begin with Awesome, because my two other blogs did and everything HAS TO MATCH. ABSOLUTELY. Had to have ‘book’ somewhere in the title, obviously. I wanted it to be something generic like Awesome Book Review but that was already taken. I then cycled through the names (I liked the Awesome Book A___ format because there are two A’s, just like my name!). It ended up being a tie between Awesome Book Analysis and Awesome Book Assessment. Awesome Book Assessment is longer, but it won because analysis is just too fancy and scientific.
I will probably regret not coming up with some cute punny name but I like things standard and self-explanatory. And that’s exactly what this blog is- an assessment of books.

  • I like typing in green. It is my favorite color.
  • I am also a writer, but have the can’t-ever-finish-anything syndrome.
  • I have tons of other hobbies like playing piano, sculpting, various other arts and crafts, speaking French, cleaning, working (I’m a cashier), being in various clubs (3 of them are French-related), and I used to be a dancer (I took 4 types of dance!) and a swimmer and a Cross Country Runner and loads of other things I quit
  • I love my cat Charlie more than nearly anything.
  • At this point in time, my goal is to be an editor for a publishing company.
  • My dream home is a huge mansion in Montana with lots of open space and white furniture, but I ALSO have this dream of moving to Paris when I retire.
  • I hate things that lots of other people love, like dogs, the color blue, and unhealthy food like pizza and fries.
  • I have an irrepressible ego the size of infinity x the universe ^ a googolplex.
  • I am right in the middle of being an introvert or extrovert.
  • I am nocturnal. And also part cat. (I am so obsessed with cats it’s crazy)
  • I have been reading since age 3. Read my first Harry Potter book at age 4. (I’m not 100% sure this is true. But I know I read it before I started school)
*DRUMROLL PLEASE* And now…the part you’ve all been waiting for….


  1. When and why did you start blogging?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. What books can you absolutely not read?
  4. What is your favorite city?
  5. Where do you like to read best?
  6. Reading or/and writing?
  7. Any hobbies besides reading?
  8. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  9. If you could live forever, would you- and why?
  10. How many books are on your to-be-read shelf?
That’s it! Congrats to those who I nominated, and read the rules before posting! (and also post the link to your answers on my blog so I can see them!)


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Thank you so much for nominating me! I’m really honored. But since I’ve done the Liebster Award several days ago (at my blog) I’ll just answer your questions here (sorry) 1. I’m not sure when I started blogging, but I started book blogging since around August 2013. I decided to start blogging in order to get ARCs and Galleys hahah.2. Tosca! 3. Classics. They just… don’t appeal me.4. I love Jakarta, it’s a city here in Indonesia, lots of malls and everything~5. My bedroom of course!6. I write sometimes… but it was quite rare. So maybe it’s just “reading” for me7. Besides reading, I love singing, drawing, and sleeping.8. Erm. There are lots of things that I would love to change but most of all, my pessimism. It made my life harder *sigh*9. Immortality sounded really cool when peoples you love are immortals too, if they’re not then I won’t… Read more »
Alicia the Awesome

You can never have too many awards! Thanks for answering (: and I also love sleeping ^.^

Gee Gd

Awesome blog, Alicia :) I love it :)

Alicia the Awesome

Thanks! I love yours (:

Nikita Johri

Great Answers and congrats on the award.. :)
Awards always perk you up!! :) :)

Nikita @

April Jackson
Thank you so much for nominating me. Here are my answers: 1)When and why did you start blogging?I started blogging in April of this year (2013). I started blogging because I love books and I always have opinions about them so I decided to share them with the world. I think I had so many ideas and opinions that I needed to do something constructive with them. Although I have only been blogging for a few months, when I look back at my first posts I definitely see things that I have improved and changed.2)What is your favorite color?My favorite color is purple. I like most shades of purple but for some reason my family seems to think that if it’s purple then I will automatically like it which is not the case.3)What books can you absolutely not read?I cannot read nonfiction books under any circumstances. I find them to… Read more »

Probably too late for this, but how can I become a part of this? I’ve had my blog since May of last year and, though I have a lot of page views, I don’t actually have any followers and would love to be involved in something like this to help promote. Any helpful suggestions for me?

Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

Alicia the Awesome
Hi Alexis,Sorry for the late reply. I saw this comment as soon as you posted it and went over to your site and followed you by email, but didn’t get a chance to reply.Well, to become part of this, you basically have to be noticed by someone who has just received the award. The only way to be nominated is when someone else who has received the award chooses to pass it on to your blog. That being said, I can’t nominate you (it’s a bit late for that) but I would if I could! So all I can say is promote your blog a lot. Use Twitter, post your reviews on Goodreads/Amazon or wherever else, and I did notice on your site that you don’t have an easy way for people to follow you by GFC. A lot of people do that these days and it would make it… Read more »