While-Reading Notes: Attrition by S. G. Night

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This is a post of notes I took while reading this eBook. It includes a few spoilers, so read at your own risk.

See my review for Attrition by S.G. Night.

After the first 10 pages:

Wow, I just love the pronunciation key. EVERY book should have one. I want to give him 5 stars just for that without even starting the book yet.
Also, his writing is amazing. QUITE descriptive, and I can tell from just the first few sentences that he is going to be great.
And there is frequent use of the word ‘trundled’, which has become my new favorite verb. I like verbs that describe motion beginning with ‘t’, like trundled, trudged, traversed, transpired, etc.

After page 100:

This story is HIGHLY political. But I like it. It’s not TOO difficult to follow. The characters are interesting and likable. One thing I noticed is that he switches a lot between first and third person, but it is rather interesting and not too distracting. It may get annoying to some readers, but I don’t mind it.

After page 294:

This is the point where I decided this book gets a special star. It became one of my favorites before I even finished it. Just that last scene…Racath and Nelle in the water…Somehow, with this scene, Night was able to convey such powerful intimacy without much even happening. It was amazing. It was tangible. It took 294 pages. But it was worth it. Suddenly the depth gains a whole new level- and so does Racath.
And that next scene! It was SO FULL of pain, so artistically done! It was horrible, cold, icy. It was awkward and unsure but so full of FEELING. And helplessness. That’s the sort I like to write about, and to see him do it so well was…amazing.

After page 400:

Well, that’s a *sort of* hint at a romance between Racath and Nelle…hmmm. And of course we knew that was his dosdum all along. I mean, that was pretty obvious. But the way they explained it didn’t seem very clear to me. Maybe I just skipped over it because I was so eager to read on. Also, his relationships with both Oron and Nelle are developing more at this point.

After page 430:

I just realized this would make a great movie. I expect to see one sometime. And the POV is unique. I mean, when have you ever read a book where the entire thing is told from the POV of a bad guy, but you don’t realize it until he TELLS you he’s the bad guy? It’s so interesting! And he didn’t even seem bad at all. He really respects Racath and the rest. I hope to find out more about how they’re connected in later books. Also, I’m not sure how he could be 3rd person omniscient, but that’s what it was.




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