Top Ten Tuesday #4

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This week: Top Ten Goals for 2014

  1. Schedule more posts in advance.
  2. Be more organized! Both blog and life.
  3. Get more caught up on reading ARCs. I have challenges to help me accomplish that.
  4. Get at least 50 followers so I can start doing giveaways.
  5. I already comment a lot and visit other people’s blogs every day, but I can always be more involved in the blogging community!
  6. Completely organize and prioritize my bookshelf.
  7. Complete all ten of my challenges I signed up for.
  8. Read at least 100 books. That goes in with the challenges.
  9. Just generally be an awesomer person! I think I can manage at least that.
  10. Become fluent in French. Lol. Not gonna happen. I’ll be close though.
So what are your top ten goals/resolutions for 2014? Leave me the links to yours, or just answer in the comments!


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Anne @ Lovely Literature

I’m totally with you on the scheduling more in advance! I have a calendar, but so far I’ve been pantsing a lot of post. :)