February 2014 Interview of the Month: Lawrence W. Gold, author of A Simple Cure

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Hey everyone! I started 2014 off with a new feature, Interview of the Month. Each month (or maybe more frequently, depending on how many people want to interview), I pick someone (whether it be author, blogger, reader, whoever) to interview and post it here. This is a great way to promote blogs and books and just generally get to know people. If you want to be featured for an upcoming month, either comment, email me, Tweet me, or contact me in some other way, and we’ll set up an interview. It will most likely be over email. So without further ado, let me introduce my February Interview….
Lawrence W. Gold, author of A Simple Cure
See my review of A Simple Cure here.

1.     Why did you begin writing, and what is your inspiration?
I lived an extremely busy life as a practicing physician, a husband, and a father of three. I had no time to write, and if I had tried, it wouldn’t have been successful. I can edit with limited time, but I can’t create original material on a schedule.
My inspiration: If you love writing, it is its own inspiration. In addition, I thought medical fiction could be better done and I hoped that I could add something to the genre.
2.     What kinds of books do you like to read? Any favorites?
I read 80% fiction and 20% non-fiction. Lately I’ve been reading Richard North Patterson and especially like his courtroom fiction. Without embarrassment, I admit to liking Lee Child, Vince Flynn and others of that genre…most are unpretentious and true to themselves. I loved Born to Run and I’m reading Do You Believe in Magic by Paul A, Offit, M.D. It’s a book that I wish I had written.
3.     Out of all the places you’ve visited, which is your favorite?
We spend many years at sea on our sailboat. Without doubt, Costa Rica was the best.
4.     Which book, out of the ones you’ve written, are you the most happy with?
That’s like asking which of your children you like best. For pure joy, it was The Sixth Sense. For meaningfulness (excuse the word) it’s For the Love of God.
5.     Which book character (out of the books you’ve read and written) do you identify with the most?
I’m too young now, but I aspire to be Jacob Weizman in No Cure for Murder, although I wouldn’t wish his life on anyone. Jacob and his wife, Lola take the fear out of old age. We’re all (if we’re lucky) going to get there someday.
6.     Do you write on a schedule, or just when inspiration strikes you?
I write every day and start after breakfast. I’m a morning person and it shows in my work. Inspiration comes and goes, so when it comes, I jot it down before I lose it,
7.     Do you have any advice for other aspiring writers?
Regardless of your creative skills, writing is a craft. Learn it and learn it well. I embrace editing (not line editing) for many of my best ideas come after the fact.
8.     What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t writing?
My wife and our two dogs travel by RV. We don’t do as much as in the past, but we like the unstructured nature of coming and going as we please. We’re both active. I play tennis and/or racquetball five days a week.
9.     If you could live forever, would you? Why or why not?
Put my brain in the body of a 21 year old, and I’d go for it. Loss and dependency are the greatest threats to aging and life can reach a point of diminishing returns.
10.  What are some of the pros and cons of being an author?
The exercise of any skill, especially a creative one, is rewarding. I love writing and look forward to coming to the computer each morning. If you become dependent on material success, the writer’s life can be frustrating.
So that’s it for this interview! Head on over to Larry’s website and check it out.
Have a great day! And remember, if you want to be a featured blogger/author/reader, contact me! Don’t be shy!


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