Book Review: Touchdown by Yael Levy

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Source: ARC from publisher

Title: Touchdown 
Author: Yael Levy
TouchdownPublisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: December 9th 2013
Note: This book was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review.


New York socialite Goldie Fischer seems to have it all: wealth, beauty, and a fiancé to die for. Until she’s murdered on her wedding night by a jealous witch and instantaneously loses everything. Angry and seeking revenge, Goldie becomes a dybbuk– her soul possesses the body of Southern football hero Clay Harper and she refuses to join the light until the wrongs are rectified. 

Only Clay has issues of his own and doesn’t take kindly to a petulant New Yorker in his head, interfering in his already messed up life. When Goldie promises to leave if Clay helps her break up the wedding between her fiancé and the witch who killed her, Clay reluctantly agrees. Only neither of them are prepared for the chain of events that follow. 

Through the journey of two disparate people on a quest to make things right, Touchdown is a funny yet heartbreaking look about what it takes to truly know another soul and what it means to love.
Main Points
Writing Style
The writing was fine. Nothing much really stands out.
I agree with other reviewers out there that the book had kind of a slow start. It was just kind of meh. But then things started heating up and I was curious where the story was going.
I like the premise. Like being given a choice (kind of) in the afterlife. Even if I think what Goldie did was a really stupid decision, it was amusing to read about. (It’s the whole ‘as long as it’s not happening to me’ mentality again.) But I honestly thought she was a bit thick sometimes. Like just in some common sense areas- if you’re possessing someone’s body, it should occur to you that other people might think it’s a bit unusual if you start talking and acting like yourself in their body. She didn’t seem to understand that and caused quite a lot of problems. I felt sorry for Clay. Especially with the whole Leigh situation. Goldie really did not help with that one.

I also liked the premise of love lasting more than one lifetime. I just wish it had been done a little better and perhaps with more likable characters. It also seemed like that could have been emphasized more in the story, aside from subtle hints and a final reveal at the end.
Also, the dialogue was a little predictable.
But the PLOT TWIST with Chumie towards the end was not. Points for that.
Characters (not all included)

Goldie: Her type is so opposite mine it was actually kind of annoying at times. She was a very convincing popular-girl-spoiled-princess type who didn’t want to have to deal with her problems. And she screwed up pretty much everything she got involved with…which was everything.
Charlie: We didn’t really see much of him, but the parts we did see were nice, I suppose. He was there for Goldie, whether she deserved it or not. And the bit at the end was a sweet surprise.
Clay: Poor guy. I honestly feel like Goldie did more damage than was necessary with that whole situation.
Leigh: Very tolerant…good for her.
Chumie: She was very easy to hate, until the PLOT TWIST. I was actually kind of thankful for it because the hatred she engenders is almost unrealistic. In a book like this, I wouldn’t really expect someone to be that evil.
I guess it wraps up pretty well. Like I said earlier in the review, there are some twists and nice things happening. 

Good vs. Bad


  • ending
  • premise
  • writing
  • twists
Less than perfect:
  • characters
  • dialogue

Bottom Line
This was a pretty okay book. The writing was fine and it had a few good premises. It had a slow start but got really interesting after that. Some characters were hard to tolerate but others were fun to follow. There were a few fun twists as well, some more predictable than others. Would I read more by this author? Perhaps. Would I recommend this book to others? Probably not, unless they’re into the cheesy romance sort of thing.


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