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The Feature & Follow is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee of Parajunkee’s View and Alison of Alison Can Read

I’m participating in this blog hop! See the rules here. Follow me however you wish! And if you do, be sure to stop by this post and say hi! Let me know you followed me and I’ll follow you! Isn’t it marvelous how that works?

Question of the Week: Have any pets? Tell us or show us.

I have two pets currently. One of them is my darling cat Charlie and I love him more than almost anything. He’s been a great companion in the past several years, especially after the tragedy with our other cat. And the second pet is the dog that lives in my house. Sophie. She’s by no means my dog at all. She likes my mom because she feeds her. I don’t actually like dogs and I am allergic to most of them (I must have built up an intolerance to her) but thankfully we don’t have much cause to interact. And few people can put up with my precious Charlie because he’s a large cat and he bites, but he’s always nice to me. He and I have this bond.

I used to keep fish for several years before I realized they took way too much time and effort (ever had to clean a 10-gallon fish tank and fill it with water using small buckets? not fun!) and weren’t actually that much fun. They just kind of swam around…and I kept them in my bedroom, a room I didn’t spend much time in. So they were sort of pointless. And I gave mine away. Hopefully they are in a better place now, where they are appreciated, if they aren’t dead.

I’ve always wanted a snake though! And I’ve gone through phases where I’ve been really obsessed with getting a rat or hermit crabs. And I definitely wouldn’t say no to a kitten. I love cats so much.

This is Sophie and Charlie. I think this is the only picture I have of them on this computer.

So do you have any pets? What pets would you want? Share your links or just comment below! Happy FF!

photo sparkles effect

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Jillian Lopez

Aww your pets are adorable! :) I would want to own a fluffy cat soon! And a cuddly one too because I like hugs!
New GFC follower. :) Hope you stop by and visit.


Alicia the Awesome

I agree! I wish my cat was both fluffier and cuddlier. Thanks for following, I followed back (:

Laura Agnella

It’s so nice your pets get along. I’m so afraid to get another cat because I don’t know how my current cat will react. I may take the plunge though and just hope for the best.
Following via GFC

Alicia the Awesome

I would at least give it a shot. He might get used to the other cat. Thanks for following, I followed back (:

Christy @ Capitvated Reading

So sweet! I need to get some pets! :)
New GFC follower!
My FF!

Alicia the Awesome

Your great dane is so cute though! Thanks for following, I followed back (:


Happy FF! Followed via GFC
❤ Brittany @
follow my FF here

Alicia the Awesome

Thanks for following, I followed back! (:

Arrianna Turner

Oh wow they are adorable! Unfortunately, I have cat allergies, or else I would want one myself ha ha. Following you back! ^.^

Alicia the Awesome

Aw that’s so sad! I’m allergic to most dogs and cats in large quantities ): And horses and donkeys. Ha. Thanks!!