30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 14

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This fun challenge is from Live, Love, Simple and I found out about it because The Reading Diaries is doing it. It seems like a great way to spice up my blogging life. I guess you can start at any time; the point is to do it for 30 days.
So, without further ado…..Day 14.
DAY 14

3 healthy  habits

I am at the same time a generally healthy and unhealthy person.
I don’t work out, but I get some exercise walking up and down the stairs at school and instead of lifting weights I lift heavy groceries at my local grocery store (it’s my job as cashier to lift things so the customers don’t have to). And for some reason that keeps me in enough shape to not worry so much about what I eat. I used to run Cross Country, but my knee gave out and I had to quit. I also used to dance. Quit that too. Just not my thing.
I have a gluten intolerance, so that keeps me away from most carbs. I really dislike unhealthy food in general, such as soda, pizza, fries and other snacks, fast food, etc. My one weakness is candy/chocolate. And salt-and-vinegar chips. But I like meat and most vegetables. Not really a fruit person but if someone cuts some up I’ll eat it.

In summary:

  1. not being totally lazy
  2. staying away from unhealthy foods
  3. eating mostly healthy food
Generally I just do the bare minimum and it balances out.

So if you’re participating in this, whenever, link your posts below; I’m curious. If you’re not, tell me what your 3 healthy habits are!



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