30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 16

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This fun challenge is from Live, Love, Simple and I found out about it because The Reading Diaries is doing it. It seems like a great way to spice up my blogging life. I guess you can start at any time; the point is to do it for 30 days.
So, without further ado…..Day 16.
DAY 16
Thoughts on education

This is quite interesting, considering I’m doing a research paper for school on this. Well, more specifically, technology in education. I’m not really a huge fan of it, but in small amounts it can be useful.

On education itself, I both love it and hate it. I love school. I love the social atmosphere and certain subjects. I love learning. But I do not think a lot of it is necessary. We have to learn so many things we will NEVER need to know. We have to take these required classes that are more career-based than anything. If I’m going to major in English, will I really need to know calculus or chemistry? No! It’s ridiculous. I think these things should be optional. But I will go through it because I have to.
I used to love school more, but lately I’ve been in this mindset like I have to just get through it and then I’ll be able to do whatever I want. It’s a chore for me. And then I have 4 more years of college…but thankfully, since I’m majoring in English, I’ll be doing things that I like instead of math/science/history stuff.
So if you’re participating in this, whenever, link your posts below; I’m curious. If you’re not, tell me your thoughts on education!


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