30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 21

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This fun challenge is from Live, Love, Simple and I found out about it because The Reading Diaries is doing it. It seems like a great way to spice up my blogging life. I guess you can start at any time; the point is to do it for 30 days.
So, without further ado…..Day 21.
DAY 21
What makes me sad
Death of any kind. War.
Plans being cancelled last minute.
Any kind of trouble that anyone else has to go through.
People making bad choices.
Unrequited love.
Sad books.
Almost any book or movie will make me cry at some point. I blame it on teenage hormones.
I particularly remember bawling at these things:
1. Moonrise Kingdom (movie)
2. The Book Thief (book and movie)
3. Moonrise by Erin Hunter (book)
4. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (video game)
I have been gifted and cursed with an extraordinary capacity for empathy. That’s why I can become sad at the drop of a hat when hearing about anything negative. I have also battled depression for years now.
So if you’re participating in this, whenever, link your posts below; I’m curious. If you’re not, what makes YOU sad?


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