30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 7

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This fun challenge is from Live, Love, Simple and I found out about it because The Reading Diaries is doing it. It seems like a great way to spice up my blogging life. I guess you can start at any time; the point is to do it for 30 days.
So, without further ado…..Day 7.

My 5 favorite songs

This question is a lot like asking what are my 5 favorite books. (and I have a list of 6 of them.) But it’s also similar to choosing favorite children. I hate playing favorites! It’s much easier to tell you my favorite bands/artists, seeing as my favorite songs change daily. And may I just mention that my iPod has around 2100 handpicked songs on it? That’s almost a lifetime’s worth of favorite music (or music that was my favorite at some point). Plus, I’m a musician! I play and compose for the piano. Music is in my blood! I can’t play favorites!

Here are my favorite artists (in NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

  1. Maroon 5
  2. Skrillex
  3. Panic! At the Disco
  4. Jukebox the Ghost
  5. Mother Mother
  6. Evanescence
  7. Rob Thomas
  8. Eminem
  9. 3OH!3

I’m really all over the place here. My music tastes are just as varied as my reading tastes. I’ll read anything; I’ll listen to anything. I love classical music, like Tchaikovsky; I love Homestuck music (that webcomic I keep talking about)- I have over 800 songs from Homestuck on my iPod. I like YouTube music groups like Your Favorite Martian. I like pop, rap, some country, dubstep, electronic, indie, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, rock, a little bit of everything.

Oh wait, I think I do have a list of my all-time favorite songs here. Huh. Guess I made a playlist on my iPod for times like these (:

  1. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train
  2. I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift
  3. You Opened My Eyes by Bosson
  4. C’mon (ft. Fun.) by Panic! At the Disco
  5. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
  6. Stereo Hearts (ft. Adam Levine) by Gym Class Heroes
  7. Heartless by Kris Allen
  8. If I Die Young by The Band Perry
  9. In Noctem from Harry Potter 6 (in some versions of the film)
I also like French music. And French rap. Weirdly enough?
Favorite French songs:
  1. J’me Tire by Maitre Gims
  2. J’envoie Valser by Zazie

So if you’re participating in this, whenever, link your posts below; I’m curious. If you’re not, tell me your favorite songs/artists!



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