Letters to Characters #1: Karou and Livia

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Hey guys! Another new feature this week. In this feature, we write letters to characters. They can be about anything, really. I kind of had the idea that if we didn’t like something they did in their book/series, we could yell at them about it or suggest something they should have done, or give advice some other way, or just gush about how awesome they are. A lot of people do interviews with characters, but I personally don’t want to have to pretend to be a character- chances are I’d get their personality embarrassingly wrong. And also- these don’t have to be book characters; they can be movie characters, TV show characters, webcomic characters, manga characters, whatever.

Also, this will be my first feature where if you want to participate, you can link up your posts here! So exciting. I’ll leave it open all month. I don’t know how regular this will be- pretty much whenever you feel like writing a letter to a character, whether monthly, weekly, etc. You can also include multiple letters per post, like I’m doing.


Dear Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone,

You are such a kick-a** character! You’re seriously amazing. I love your blue hair and your fiery personality. I kind of wish I could be you. Can I? I want to like…fly and stuff…and wish for small things….and I mean not to mention Akiva. I don’t even know, something about you is just so different from the other female MCs. You’re mysterious, and funny, and talented, and I guess it’s a combination of the three that make you stand out. I wish I could draw like you. And I love Zuzana too; what would I NOT give for a friend like that…she’s so loyal, you’re so lucky! I can’t wait to read the rest of the DOSAB series.

Love you Rou,

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Dear Livia from I Am Livia,

Girl….I don’t even know where to begin with you. You’re definitely smart. I’ll give you that. And clever and crafty. It’s scary. And the people of Rome probably think so too…they’re probably all scared of you because you’re a woman in power, and they all know you have influence over Caesar. But you’re missing something…
I just didn’t get the same emotional vibes from you that I did from Caesar. Even though you’re the narrator, I still didn’t feel like you had strong feelings about anything. Even when you were DESCRIBING those feelings, like how you felt about Caesar….it felt kind of indifferent to me. Honestly I didn’t expect him to be the romantic one in the relationship but I guess he was. I mean, you were all ready to let him go when there was a moment of doubt…but then it was HE that ended up pulling you guys back together. Definitely did not expect that. I thought you would have fought a little harder! And when you wrote him letters, he hinted…heck, he practically TOLD you that he was waiting for you to say you loved him, but you still wouldn’t say it! Pride, was it? I call it foolishness! You could have shown your dedication, even at a time such as that….
But I guess it’s good that you held out. He can’t have that much control. He can’t expect you to come running back to him every time something went wrong. But I did feel a bit sorry for him…I mean, he was out there fighting a war. What he really needed was a loving, supportive wife at that time.
I’m clearly a little conflicted on this. But it ended up all right, and I vote you two the Couple of the Year so far.

Love and hugs,
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Link your posts below! (ALSO: please tell me if someone else is already doing a feature like this. I don’t want to steal)



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Books That Hook

Cool idea!

Alicia the Awesome

Thanks! I’m excited and I hope people participate. (:

Meghna Jain

I love this idea and would also like to participate.
I created a page on my blog which links this original idea back to you. I haven’t yet written any letters but I plan to do many.
http://alickofromance.wordpress.com/ – here is the link of the page and if you have any objections please let me know. :D