May 2014 Interview of the Month: Jillian from Jillian’s Books

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I’m so excited to be bringing this feature back! Here today I’m interviewing Jillian from Jillian’s Books, a good blogging buddy of mine. She will also have an interview with me on her blog soon.

Jillian's Books

1. When/why did you start blogging? 

When I made a book blog last April, people assumed I was new. But one year ago, I made a really awful book blog that I wasn’t ready to do yet. The blog I use actively now is a remake of my old one. I created it because NO ONE in my family loved reading. I cried in 2 books and no one understood me, and it was SO frustrating. I needed someone to listen and that’s when I created my blog! :> 

2. What are your favorite kinds of books to read? 

I’m in love with dystopian novels!! My favorite dystopians are “Divergent” and “Branded” by Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki. I like a lot of genres, but eroticas and nonfiction are major turn-offs. 

3. What are your hobbies besides reading? 

I love to play the piano and I’m currently writing 2 novels that are dystopian and contemporary (which I feel will fail HAHA). Eating, sleeping, listening to music, and playing (some) video games are my favorites as well :) 

4. If you could live forever, would you? Why/why not? 

I’d choose not to, although the idea of dying frightens me! I would want to see my dead family members in the afterlife, and as a Catholic, I really want to see Jesus either. I don’t even know what’s scarier — dying or living forever! :o 

5. Where would your dream vacation be? 

I want to go to all historical places in Europe because I love history and I like learning about other cultures. Oh and I also badly want to go on a cruise in the Bahamas! I have never cruised before! 

6. How many books do you own? 

Ha I really don’t know. When I look at the shelf in my house, 70% are my books and 30% are my family’s. Plus the eBooks I bought or were given to me are over 10+. I’d have to say it’s over 50+.. I think? :P


Huge thanks to Jillian for letting me interview her and for interviewing me in return. Stop by (and perhaps follow) her blog! She’s quite a lovely person and her reviews are great.



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