Preposthumous Poetry by Irwin Nissman

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I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Preposthumous Poetry by Irwin NissmanPreposthumous Poetry by Irwin Nissman
Published by Outskirts Press on July 23, 2013
Genres: Poetry
Pages: 174
Format: ARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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"PREPOSTHUMOUS POETRY" Inspired by Nature, a gifted poet takes his readers on a journey through unimagined realms of thought, exploring topics hitherto unvisited by his predecessors, identifying wonders, limitations, complications and barriers, revealing connections, insights and possibilities that are a revelation, and that can leave a lasting impression on readers of these thoughtful, tightly-constructed, rhyming poems. These poems, many resulting from deep thought, others from heartfelt (and patriotic) feelings, provide fascinating ideas, skillful word wizardry, little-known historical accounts, entertainment, inspiration, enlightenment, personal observations, musings and reflections, vital messages and suggestions, inferences and deductions, remarkable conclusions, "incredible" facts, commentaries on life, amusing jabs at some human foibles, pop song writing errors, unintended consequences, thoughts regarding loving relationships and age-old human problems, an award-winning riddle, and possibly, the best short love poem ever conceived! Readers will be amazed by the range of topics covered, from the sublime to the commonplace, from a rap summary of American history, to why children ask "Why" questions, from what we're made of (stardust!), to what household dust's made of, even to what "is" is (we don't know!), and to why plastics are a problem! Although alphabetically presented and categorized, some poems defy any classification! Inspiration for these poems has come from many sources, in and out of this world! This poet's intact pre-TV imagination and poetic muse haven't set any boundaries to what topics could be explored and delineated, in poetic verse. This has led him to some intriguingly possible explanations for events and circumstances that have affected humans throughout history. Through poetic imagery, readers will learn new things they've never thought about! They'll discover a world of ideas that may never have crossed their mind, things they've not been told before, told in interesting ways that inform, without being boring, of how Nature's workshops continually perform miracles, how survival's aided by "programmed death," how and why differing "worldviews" can wreak havoc! They'll be enthralled by a poem about the timeless enrichment of Art, "What we have, other species have not!," told of the value of "true value creators," of capitalism's "greatest good," and of the disaster wrought by stock market analysts' predictions about stocks' future dividends, of possible causes of "gender confusion," of how Earth's fury can "transport" souls, and how Nature may "recycle" them! This book's a sojourn into the many levels of a thoughtful man's unique mind, guiding readers through a "museum of his intellect." Poetry lovers will enjoy and respond favorably to this poet's "magnum opus," a book of poems written during his last career (teaching, age 66-75), after spending much of his life attending colleges, learning how to continue to be useful to our country, before and after the Cold War. He brings a new, concise writing style to his poetry, with hopefulness and an inspirational poetic vision of how we might shape our future for a better world. Visualization can lead to realization, as in "Visualizations, Past And Future," wherein it states that this poet-teacher-engineer had invented the encrypted PIN "keys," thus enabling the ATMs that have made the world's banks accessible, even when closed!

As this is a poetry review, I won’t use the usual format (plot, characters, etc.).

I enjoyed this book. The subject matter was quite varied and I was impressed by Nissman’s expansive knowledge on all sorts of topics. A lot of the short poems were meant to make the reader think, and he did this effectively. A nice feature was the little explanation at the end of  most of the poems, often with extra knowledge. It made some of the more complex subjects easier to understand.

It’s also quite clear through his style that he has such character. His tone is really unique and fun. Each poem is lively in its own way. A lot of them had key phrases (too many to iterate here) that stay in your head long after reading.

Some notes: The poems were categorized, and a lot (most) of the poems were put into multiple categories. This probably made the book twice as long and it was perhaps unnecessary. Also, almost every other word was in italics. This may bother some readers. I wasn’t particularly bothered by it. I like over-emphasis. It’s fun.

About Irwin Nissman

Irwin Jack Nissman spent nearly 40 years as an electronics engineer, originating many computer-based systems. His secure ID card patent inspired other inventors to create bankcards and ATMs. In 1993, he reinvented himself, studying Computer Science, earning Network Certification and another M.S. (in Math Education). From age 66 to 75, he served as a grades 7-12 math, sciences and technology teacher in New York City, and taught home-bound students for many New York State school districts. In 2004, he returned to his first creative art form – poetry



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