Letters to Characters #2: Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars

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In this feature, we write letters to characters. They can be about anything, really. I kind of had the idea that if we didn’t like something they did in their book/series, we could yell at them about it or suggest something they should have done, or give advice some other way, or just gush about how awesome they are. And also- these don’t have to be book characters; they can be movie characters, TV show characters, webcomic characters, manga characters, whatever.

Also, this will be my first feature where if you want to participate, you can link up your posts here! So exciting. I’ll leave it open all month. I don’t know how regular this will be- pretty much whenever you feel like writing a letter to a character, whether monthly, weekly, etc. You can also include multiple letters per post.

Dear Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars,

You should have died. I wrote about a million essays on that. (more like 2. but still.) In fact, if you were a real person, I’m sure you would be dead already. Because you had cancer.

In reality, I probably should be mad at Augustus too for stealing the story away from you, and then dying. I loved him, but I couldn’t be miserable when he died because he stole that away from you. You were supposed to be the star. He was better than you. You were mild. Mild! I couldn’t get anything from you! Sure, you were witty at times, and romantic, but not to the degree that Augustus was. I’m not sure which of you I’m more mad at!

Do I wish punishment on you? No! And yet you will have to live with the pain of Augustus’ death until you die yourself. It’s a miserable life! You live, and live, until you die. We’re all dying, Hazel! There is no such thing as infinity! Or oblivion! Because when we’re dead, we’ll have no concept of any of it anymore. Right? And things only mean something because we give them meaning! They only exist because we acknowledge them. We give them names. And it’s all variable between people.

So I don’t have to agree with you. I don’t have to pity you. You don’t want that anyway. We’re all dying, Hazel. Some faster than others.

The truth is, Augustus was a great soul. He wasn’t perfect. And he wanted something he couldn’t have, instead of being happy with you. Isn’t that always the case? But he was a great soul. And you should have been happy with him. Well, you were. But then he died. And we all must move on.

We’ll all die at some point, Hazel.
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Jen Morgan

This letter is so beautiful and well written! Nice work. I share a lot of the same sentiments.


I loved the letter. Imagine Hazel who ACTUALLY died instead of Gus. The whole story would’ve changed. It might be like “Imperial Affliction” wherein the book ends midsentence because the narrator died. I start to wonder if that would happen if it were Hazel.

Also, this is a really good feature :) I’m surprised I haven’t even thought of doing this before. I’ll do this hopefully soon if I have the time and a character in mind.

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Eclectic Introspections

WOW!!! This is such an awesome meme!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks so much Alicia!! I did this and this is my time doing a meme! It was so fun to do!!!

Eclectic Introspections

WOW!!! This is such an awesome meme!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks Alicia!! I’m gonna do this and this is my time doing a meme!!


This is a lovely idea. Do you mind if I use this meme?


Okay, thanks. Also, I may have double-posted by accident.


Okay. I THINK I entered my link to the linkup, but I’m new to this, and it’s so very confusing. In case it didn’t work, here’s another link:
If the link hasn’t been entered, let me know and I’ll do it again. Thank you!


Hey, Alicia! I just linked up my latest “Letters to Characters” post. I AM supposed to use the linkup on this page, right?