The 13th Prophet by T. Lucas Earle

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I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The 13th Prophet by T. Lucas EarleThe 13th Prophet by T. Lucas Earle
Published by the author (self-published) on July 8th 2013
Genres: Science fiction
Pages: 23
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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In this entertaining short story, T. Lucas blends classic noir and dystopian sci-fi, exposing the strange underbelly where conformity, fashion, and religion collide.

Main Points
Writing Style:
I absolutely love Earle’s writing. It’s so succinct and meaningful. I love the witty dialog. The pacing was also excellent.
Once again, I am amazed at how much story Earle can cram into a short story. There is so much in it.
I loved how Burke’s struggle with his age was evident. (Burke is the main character, a PI) I liked seeing all the different Personalities and Prophets. I liked Burke’s attitude and confidence that never wavered. I loved his interactions with people.
The story was very entertaining with riveting action scenes. Honestly I’m just so in love with his writing that I couldn’t stop reading it. I just had to see what happened next. My only regret it that it was such a short story.
It was very fast paced and some things I would have expected to be longer (for instance, Burke found out a lot of things a little too easily and quickly) but it is a short story after all. It could easily be developed into a book though.
As is mentioned in the synopsis, conformity is a pretty important theme given that everyone is basically a computer except Burke himself. It’s interesting to see it told from his view.
Here the future is depicted as not much different except the people. They each run certain models of personality that are updated like computer software.
Good vs. Bad
  • plot
  • characters
  • writing
  • pacing
  • themes
Less than perfect:
  • not much
Bottom Line
This short story is a really fast-paced and well written discussion of conformity and the future of technology. The main character is clever and intelligent and really fun to read about. The dialog and interactions are witty and interesting. Would I read more by this author? Definitely. Would I recommend this story to others? Yes I would.

About T. Lucas Earle

T. Lucas Earle is a writer, filmmaker, and amateur statistician He lives in LA, a comfortable 60 meters above sea level, where only three out of every 100,000 people are murdered.

T. Lucas has a degree from Emerson College, which makes for a terrific placemat. He spends his days reading scripts – a job for which he receives nominal remuneration. Like many slightly brain-damaged children of hypoxic former left-wing political cult members of the 1970s , he will review almost anything. I once caught him writing a review for a Hamilton Beach toaster oven instruction manual.

When T. Lucas is not reading and groaning quietly to himself, he writes and groans much louder. He has written several short stories, a screenplay or two, and is working up the courage to write a note to the fetching young lady who works at the Starbucks on Glendale Ave. He’s been published in Atomic Spec, The Colored Lens, and on Amazon, where you can find his short stories.

T. Lucas also writes numerous blogs filled with hidden SOS messages, in the hopes that one day someone will find him and rescue him from the Internet.

Overall: five-stars


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