Blogosphere Travels #8: Useful WordPress Plugins

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Today I’ve got a list of some of the WordPress plugins I find useful. Some I found from Ashley’s (Nose Graze) list. Check it out.

Note: These aren’t in any sort of order.

#1: Jetpack

This one is amazing. It keeps track  of your blog stats and comments and allows people to follow you by email and a lot of other useful things.

#2: Akismet

Very useful for filtering spam comments.

#3: Commentluv

This one is fun. It allows commenters to link to their latest post.

#4: Editorial Calendar

This one is AWESOME. It allows you to see your scheduled posts in a much easier view. I’ve got this one open at all times. It’s great for managing weekly memes.

#5: Comment Reply Notification

If you haven’t utilized this one yet, you definitely should. It sends people an email when you reply to their comment. This encourages discussion on posts, and this is a feature I noticed Blogger doesn’t have.

#6: WP Database Backup

Since I had so much trouble with my switch from Blogger to WordPress, I became obsessive about backing up my blog. This is a great tool.

#7: WPTouch

This creates a very nice, very simple mobile version of your blog. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty satisfactory.

#8: Revive Old Post

I love this one. It Tweets your older posts for you. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll often (once every 8 hours, actually) see posts that start with ‘From the archive’. These are the older posts that it tweets for me. You can customize it too, so you can change the message, how much of the post you want to display, how often it tweets, and what categories of post you want it to tweet.

#9: The Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin

I can’t promote this enough. This is Ashley’s invention, and it’s the ULTIMATE plugin for book bloggers, truly. It saves a TON of time with organizing everything. It’s beautiful.

#10: Smart Layers by AddThis

I use this for the little box in the bottom right corner that pops up when you scroll down. It suggests a random page on my blog for you to visit.

#11: Contact Form 7

Very quick, very easy contact forms.

#12: Twitter Cards

This one is by Ashley also. When you link to your blog posts on Twitter, it also includes a summary and photo from the post. Quite fun. It’s not the easiest to figure out (it crashed my blog when I did it wrong) but when you do it’s worth it.

#13: iThemes Security

Prevents your blog from getting hacked. It can also lock you out though. You can prevent yourself getting locked out with help from Ashley’s post here.

#14: Limit Login Attempts

If people try to hack your blog, it locks them out.

#15: Expanding Archives

This is another one of Ashley’s fantastic plugins. It creates beautiful collapsing/expanding archives similar to those of Blogger. Check out my sidebar for an example.

#16: Scroll To Top

When you scroll down on my blog, see that little gray box at the bottom that says ‘scroll to top’? Yeah, that’s because of this useful little plugin.

#17: Share Buttons by AddToAny

Each one of my posts has a row of share buttons between the featured image and the content. They are fully customizable- you can choose from a wide range of social media buttons.

Wow! 17 plugins! You’re welcome, guys. For the more technical plugins (caching, security, faster blog, etc.) see Ashley’s post, linked above. You know what, just check out her blog. She’s got tons of great WordPress tips. She’s what inspired me to make the switch (and also who is going to give my blog a makeover).

Do you guys use any of these plugins? Do you have any more to add to this list? I could make a Part II.



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Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

YEAH! Thanks for sharing this Alicia! I’m always on the lookout for plugins that make life easier, so I’ll definitely have to give these a try! Akismet is SO useful for stopping spam! I <3 it so much! And the UBB plugin? BEST. INVENTION. EVER. So, so useful! :D

Thanks for sharing! <3

Jennifer @ Books That Hook

I just switched to WordPress yesterday, so you couldn’t have posted this at a better time for me! Thanks so much. I’ll check each of these plugins out.