Top Ten Tuesday #12

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This week: Top Ten Blogging/Bookish Confessions
  1. I am crazy about scheduling posts. I’m sure a lot of other people’s confessions are going to be that they don’t schedule posts. But I schedule them about a month in advance.
  2. I dog-ear my books. Mostly if they’re well-loved paperbacks. I try not to dog-ear the hardcovers and definitely not library books.
  3. Whenever I go to the library, I get about 7 books. So I had to stop going because it was too much for me to read before I had to start renewing them like crazy.
  4. I keep several blogging-related lists on an app on my phone. Books to read for the current month and several months in advance, topic ideas for memes, general blogging to-dos. I’m just super organized in general.
  5. If I’m really into a good book, everything else goes out the window. I’ve been known to stay up late (into the morning) in order to finish books.
  6. Along the same lines, sometimes I’ll dedicate a day specifically to reading and polish off 2-3 books in a day. Usually these are MG books, which are shorter and easier to read.
  7. I’m not a huge fan of my blog name or design. The name I’ll leave, because it’s associated with so many things, but the design I’m having re-done in a couple months.
  8. I’m positively awful at over-requesting ARCs. Most of the ones I have now (around 50) are ones I don’t even want to read.
  9. I take a book pretty much everywhere I go. You never know when you might have an opportunity to read.
  10. Along those lines, I often read at completely inappropriate places, like concerts and parties. Thus I am not very social at these events. Haha. Oh well.
  11. *BONUS 11th CONFESSION* I’ve had more literary crushes than real-life crushes.

So what are your Top Ten Confessions? Leave me the links to yours or just answer in the comments!




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Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

So many of these I can relate too! Especially the over requesting! I have lists going too but wish I was on top of scheduling out my posts like you!