Top Ten Tuesday #14

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This week: Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From
Hm. This is a hard one because I often only own one book or series from each author! So I guess this would actually be what is the author of the longest series I own…
Now, this would be a lot easier if it was Top Ten Authors I’ve READ the Most Books From. There’s a button on Goodreads that tells you that. So I can easily tell that I’ve read more Mary Pope Osborne (32) and Dr. Seuss (14) than anyone else. But unfortunately Goodreads doesn’t let you do that with your owned books. So I’ll have to do this by memory.
1. Lemony Snicket: I own perhaps 16 of his books? I have the entire Series of Unfortunate Events (13) plus a few companion books to the series. Of course, I’ve only read the first three.
2. Darren Shan: I have the entire Cirque du Freak series (12). But they’re really thin and don’t take up much shelf space.
3. Jeff Kinney: I have all 8 released books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I’ve read the first 6 and intend to read the other 2 in the next month.
4. J.K. Rowling: The Harry Potter series (7).
5. C.S. Lewis: The Chronicles of Narnia (7).
6. Erin Hunter: books 1-5 in the original Warriors series plus #3,4, and 5 in Warriors: The New Prophecy. So 8 total.
7. Brian Jacques: I have 14 books in his Redwall series, which is extremely long. It’s something like 22 books. The best part is I’ve only read the first one.
8. Rick Riordan: All 5 in the Percy Jackson series and the first one in Heroes of Olympus. 6 total.
9. Stephenie Meyer: all 4 Twilight books and The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Haven’t read that last. 5 total.
10. Holly Black: All books in the original The Spiderwick Chronicles series + the Field Guide. 6 total.

So what are your Top Ten Most-Owned Authors ? Leave me the links to yours or just answer in the comments!




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Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

I completely forgot about C.S. Lewis! He definitely should have been on my list. Interesting list! I’m not sure I’ve read a lot of these but Rick Riordan is on my TBR.