Spirits by R. S. McCoy

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I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Spirits by R. S. McCoySpirits by R.S. McCoy
Series: Sparks #2
Also in this series: Sparks
Published by the author (self-published) on July 20th 2014
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 239
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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"Loving her was easier when I thought we were going to die." 

Lark Davies sleeps in a gilded palace and eats the finest foods, but he would trade it all to change that one night. Unable to use his talent for mind-reading to prevent a series of murders, Lark’s dreams are ravaged by gruesome memories. Robbed of sleep and slowly losing his sanity, the devoted lover and expectant father can only watch as his life continues to spiral out of control. 

Whispers of invasion threaten what little peace their new life might have offered. Khea, the new queen of Nakbe–and his only light in the night–declares human sacrifice to be a necessary component of the island culture, forcing Lark to assert his disapproval. For the first time, the unifying bond he shares with her isn’t enough to keep them together. 

With his mentor at his side, Lark’s only hope to stand against the queen and avert a future of death lies in his unexplored ability to manipulate physical elements of the world. The two men search out the spirits that control water, fire, and wind in hopes of ending two thousand years of violent traditions before rival nations invade. 

Main Points
Writing Style:
The writing is still as great as in the first book, so I shall copy what I said here:
Her writing is very good, just the right amount of description so I wasn’t bored (or skipping paragraphs, which I tend to do sometimes). There were a few typos, but it wasn’t too difficult to still follow along. She does remarkably well from a boy’s point of view, which isn’t the easiest thing to do for female authors. It was very believable.
This book kind of mirrored the first one in a way. Lark goes out on a mission with Avis to learn more abilities. The only thing is that he’s now preparing for an attack, and also hurrying to get back before Khea has their baby.  In that, it still has the feel of the first book, and the story was continued well without bringing in too much new stuff.
One big change I felt while reading was my attitude towards Khea. We didn’t see much of her, just at the beginning and the end, but what we did see was enough to make me hate her. Well, really dislike her, anyway. Just like Lark, but he had the advantage of loving her and therefore forgave her when she was a jerk. I, however, didn’t. She was too cruel in my opinion (both towards Lark and with her re-institution of the sacrifices), and I didn’t like that Lark started coming over to her side after a while of fighting her. She never convinced me. There is no way in all the realms that you could possibly convince me to be fine with sacrifices. She was wrong in that. So I didn’t feel very kindly towards Khea the entire book, pregnant or not.
I continued to like Avis the best. Lark was good as well. I liked how it wasn’t the easiest thing to learn all the other Sparks, and how there was a lot of story behind each one.
Of course,  I still believe this book had second book syndrome, and basically was just a lot of buildup before the exciting last installment. But it did a good job with its role. I am still eager as ever to continue the series and find out how Lark manages to learn the other remaining Sparks and use them to defeat the enemy.
Good vs. Bad
  • plot
  • characters
  • writing
  • setting
  • ending
Less than perfect:
  • Khea
Bottom Line
This was a great sequel to Sparks. It fulfilled its role as second book (meaning, was mostly buildup) and made me excited for the third book. Its plot mirrored that of the first book a little bit, but that helped keep the overall feel of the story. I liked certain characters more than others, but they still have a chance to redeem themselves. Would I read more by this author? Yes. Would I recommend this book to others? Yes.

About R.S. McCoy

RS McCoy didn’t ever plan on being a writer. With a career teaching high school science, writing is the last thing she expected. But life never goes the way you think it will. While battling cancer, she picked up her laptop and let the words flow out. One year later, her first published fantasy novel will be released on Amazon soon and her second novel is in the works. She is a wife, mother of one with another on the way, a scientist, baker, gardener, and life-long science fiction and fantasy addict.

Overall: four-stars


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