Musing Mondays #26: Booktubing (why I’m not into it)

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• Instead of the above questions, maybe you just want to ramble on about something else pertaining to books — let’s hear it, then!
My Musings:
Today I’m going to talk about a common book blogger/reviewer practice: Booktubing. Videos. Filming video book hauls, reviews, tags, and other things. This is a practice I don’t participate in and probably won’t ever.
I’m just not good on camera. First of all, when it’s being recorded by any means, my voice always sounds several pitches higher, which is extremely annoying. Also I just get nervous in front of a camera. It was hard enough filming tutorials for my sculpting channel. And when I did an update video, I had to speak in front of the camera, but I had to fiddle with clay in my hands the whole time so I wouldn’t get TOO nervous. And that was the only video where I showed my face.
And another big thing is that I have a very poor quality camera. When I bought it, it was a huge step up from my original camera, but I quickly found out it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I still have no idea what type of camera I’d be looking for. One that takes good close ups, probably, but it’s hard to test that out in the store because of the lighting and the subjects. Also one that can take good quality videos. I’d rather use a camera to take videos because A) I’d rather just have it all on one device and B) I don’t want to have to pay a whole bunch of extra money for a super special video camera. So all in all, the equipment I was using is by no means professional or even close so that kind of ruined the experience of filming for me. And it’s hard, getting all the light right and sound quality, finding a quiet place and then doing all the editing afterwards. Too much work.
But mainly, it’s because I’m more of a words-on-paper person than a video person anyway. I like the written word better than the spoken word. It’s so easy to say all I mean to in writing rather than in the unorganized fashion of speaking. I tend to write more, and more meaningful things in my reviews than I could ever say out loud. That’s also why I prefer books to movies, by a slim margin. There’s just something more magical about being able to visualize the world in your head, as opposed to seeing it on screen where all the imaginative work is done for you. True, it’s fun to see characters and places brought to life that way, but I’d always prefer to read the book first.
Of course, there are a few booktubers out there who I know through their blogs first, and I always watch their videos and enjoy them. Some people are obviously comfortable doing that and they’re good at it. But would I be likely to follow a person who only booktubes and doesn’t blog? Probably not. A blog is like a home to me. Videos are just extras. Things in addition to. Blogs are a home base, a place to check back on and see everything all in one place. Sometimes I don’t want to hear words. I’d rather look at your posts and read in my own time. And that’s also a lot easier for referencing back on what someone said. It’s easier to search through posts than videos.
Now, I’m not so against the idea that if, in the future, you guys come clamoring to me demanding that I show my face and do a video of something book-related, I’d say no. If you ask for a review, I’ll just talk about a book I’ve already reviewed, probably in greater detail depending on how much I can remember of it. If you want a haul, it will be boring because I’m trying to cut down on buying/requesting/borrowing books. If you want a tag, sure. Those are fun. Anything else is up to you.
So what I’m trying to say is that this isn’t going to be something I do regularly, if at all. It works for some people. It has just never interested me.
So do you booktube, or like the idea of it? Any really interesting or popular booktubers that I should know about, or that you enjoy? Answer below and/or link up your MM post!


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Finley Jayne

I’m with you-booktubing holds absolutely no interest for me. I have a blog, in big part, because I love to write :)

jazmen greene

I’m not really into booktubing either. I keep trying to convince myself to give it a try but not even I can convince myself. I just much prefer to write everything out. It was one of the main reasons I started a blog and not a booktube channel. I don’t even really watch them, which is to say I don’t watch them at all but to each his own. Great post!