Musing Mondays #27: ARCs II (taking a break)

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My Musings:

Today I’m talking about ARCs AGAIN. Because I finally decided to make ARCs a sometimes thing, and not the main focus of blogging at all.

I’ve talked numerous times about how when I first started blogging, ARCs were a totally new exciting experience and I went overboard requesting. A couple months ago, I DNFed my first ARC with a minimum of guilt. And just yesterday, I went through my enormous ARC pile and did some weeding out. This would never have occurred to me before, but I’m trying to take as much of the work out of blogging as possible, and that includes reading books I don’t want to. So I took out every single one I’m no longer interested in and put it in a separate pile. I have an idea for this pile. I’m going to add it to my giveaway shelf and have one giant blogoversary giveaway. But more on that later.

I managed to take out 15 books, leaving me with around 31. That’s about 2 months worth, if I read at my current pace. Of course, that’s not counting eARCs. Those are an entirely different story, excuse the pun. I’ll take care of those another day. But I’m much happier with my now manageable ARC shelf. It was getting quite out of control, plus it was causing me to run out of shelf space for the books I actually want.

Another thing I decided to do, besides halting all review requests, was take a break from NetGalley. I’ve only gotten approved for 4 books, but even worse, I’ve only read & reviewed one of them. It’s quite sad.

Now, eARCs are a constant source of controversy for me. On the one hand, I pretty much exclusively read eARCs on my Kindle. I don’t use it for anything else, sadly. Of course it’s because I like print better, but it’s also kind of a waste of Kindle. There is one advantage though that I wish print books had: a timer, to tell you how long it will take you to finish the book at your current pace. I am in love with that feature on my Kindle. It allows me to plan for things so much better. But here’s where the controversy comes in: physical ARCs take up so much SPACE. I hate it. I hate how I have to put aside a whole shelf for a bunch of books I’m probably going to end up feeling ‘meh’ about most of. I do prefer physical books, it’s true. But I prefer physical books I know I like, or know that I’m going to like. A lot of the ARCs I requested I’m having doubts about. So I’m going to try to go completely paperless for ARCs in the future. That way, if I like it, I can buy it for my shelves and support the author in doing so. But if I don’t, I can just delete it and that’s that. I hope I can do this.

I’m going to try to stick mostly to blog tours for a while, at least until I can get this ARC shelf down to only a few books. Blog tours are fantastic because there’s a deadline. I can’t let it sit on my shelf and get dusty for years. I love them just for that reason.

Here’s another thing I have trouble with: reading ARCs before they’re released. I may have only done this with one ARC before. It’s not really such a big deal, but I feel like that’s kind of the whole point of an ARC. But I don’t worry too much about it. I guess I’ll try to pay more attention to that when I’m done reading & reviewing these ARCs that have been on my shelf since I started book blogging last year.

So how do you feel about ARCs you requested ages ago? Having doubts? And what about physical vs. eARCs? Answer below and/or link up your MM post!


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I have 16 approved books in Netgalley, and only have read 4 so far, though I’m planning to read all of them if I get all the requests done. You have a lot of ARCs! I hope you finish them all. Sometimes you don’t need a deadline in order to complete reading an ARC. It usually depends with you if you manage your time well :)