Out of Time by Donna Marie Oldfield

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I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Out of Time by Donna Marie OldfieldOut of Time by Donna Marie Oldfield
Series: Out of Time #1
Published by Sonic Pop Publishing on July 14th 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 268
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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Scarlett Shortt is just an average 18 year old until she wakes up in a strange world that is much darker than the one she knows. As she tries to discover where she is and how she got there, she’s taken in by a bunch of superheroes who claim to be her best friends. She soon learns she has powers too and the Scarlett of this reality is quite the horse to be reckoned with.

Follow Scarlett’s adventure as she struggles to master her powers and joins the group’s bid to make the world a better place. Along the way, she must battle other superpowered teens, strange robots, corrupt police and her feelings for her teammate Dylan. There's also the small matter of the power-crazed, evil Prime Minister who is desperate to capture the group and reshape the country in his own sinister image. Can they stop him?

Out Of Time is a fun, action-packed adventure with humour and romance thrown into the mix. It is the first in a series of superhero books for young adults.

Main Points
Writing Style:
The writing was simple enough to match the tone of the book.
I really liked Out of Time because it was a fun, light novel, unusual for a novel classified as Young Adult. It felt more on the younger side of YA, more early-teen-years. It wasn’t without violence, but it definitely advocated pacifism. The dialogue was mostly very simple and the feelings weren’t as complicated as they could have been. In fact, in a lot of places it followed a predictable plotline, from the battle scenes to the more romantic ones (with an exception of the end). 
The one vague issue I noticed through most of it was, clearly, the whole mechanics of it all. HOW did Scarlett end up in that world, and are there really two Scarletts? Two Alex’s? It only got hinted at towards the end, and it was a plausible enough explanation (to me, if not to the characters), but it didn’t explain everything. I expect we’ll see more later.
Scarlett was a compelling main character and Dylan was a great team leader, even if he wasn’t the perfect love interest. Their romance seemed like it fit in the story, but it didn’t have a lot of buildup. It just had a lot of assumption. And that was fine, because I didn’t really expect things to get too complicated in a light book like this. Oh sure, there are some complications, but nothing really serious.
The other characters were interesting as well and surprisingly 3D. 
As for the ending, normally I don’t like it when things work out a little too well, but I’m starting to think that I secretly crave it, or at least with a simple book like this one. (I don’t mean simple in a bad way.) If it’s a really intense book heavy in emotion and plot and seriously tears me to shreds in some way or another, than I definitely do expect the ending to be complicated and not necessarily happy for everyone. But this book wasn’t like that. And while there was some tragedy at the end, there was certainly a great deal more happy-ending feeling.
Did I mention the plot twists? Yes, there are a few, and good ones (if not entirely unpredictable). The ones at the end were really quite amazing. I liked them very much. 
Good vs. Bad
  • characters
  • writing
  • plot
  • twists
  • ending
Less than perfect:
  • romance (for lack of buildup/substance)
Bottom Line
This was a fun, light book with somewhat predictable plot (not without a few twists). Would I read more by this author? Sure. Would I recommend this book to others? Meh.

About Donna Marie Oldfield

Donna Marie Oldfield is a freelance writer who has been writing and editing for 15 years. She has worked for titles such as Heat, The Guardian, The Sun and Now as well as copywriting for a wide range of businesses. She likes cats, pasta, comic books and cake. She lives in the Peak District, England with her husband and young daughter, with a second on the way soon.

Overall: four-stars


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