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Yay another tag! I found this one on Jillie’s blog, Jillian’s Books, of course. Couldn’t resist.

Fiction or Nonfiction?

Fiction for sure. I’ve enjoyed a few nonfiction biographies, but I enjoy historical fiction a bit more.

Do you prefer the library or do you purchase books?

I don’t get books from the library very often, although I used to. I find I always get around 7 books and then take way longer than the 2 weeks reading them and end up returning them unread. So I prefer buying books, even if my bookshelf is overflowing.

Fantasy or cheesy love stories?

Both! Although I have to say I love fantasy more. I’ve only just recently gotten into contemporary romance.

WordPress or Tumblr?

WordPress. Tumblr is a scary place.

Do you prefer to read in complete silence or with music/family members around?

This is a complicated question. I can tune out pretty much anything so I can read in any setting. I used to read often with music, but I these days I prefer silence.

Do you eat snacks while reading?

Yup. Not ALL the time, but sometimes. No guilt.

Life-long reader or did you just jump in the bandwagon?

Life-long, since like age 3. #noregrets

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

I dog-ear my pages. If it’s a library book, I use the red cardstock in the little pocket they use to keep track of due dates. If it’s a borrowed book from a friend or a really nice hardcover, I’ll use a random piece of paper. I have bookmarks, I just don’t use them.

Team Peeta or Team Gale in The Hunger Games?

Team Peeta all the way.

What bookish pet peeve annoys you the most?

There are a lot. I have to say my number one is a book that doesn’t end in a happily ever after of some sort. It’s gotta have a happy ending. Otherwise, what were you thinking, writing a book?

That was fun! Free tags for everyone who wants to do this!



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HURRAY I’M SO GLAD YOU DID THIS :D Wow I cannot read in noisy places… well, I can if the noise is tolerable, but I can’t stand it if people scream everywhere in school while I’m reading a book in class. It really breaks off my connection to the story for some reason.

I’m the complete opposite though – I’M A LOVER OF BOOKMARKS. I collect them, and I have more than 10 bookmarks, though I lost 2. Sadly.

Tumblr IS a scary place. Some posts there are so inappropriate and simply MORBID. I cringe just having to look :(( My friends don’t understand why I stopped using Tumblr.

It’s so nice to getting to know you more, Ali!!! Tags are fun ^_^ Hehe. I’m sorry if I tagged you a bunch of times, but I hope you enjoy doing them! I love tags <3


Haha my classes are pretty quiet usually and I just read if nothing’s going on. I agree it can distract you from the story so I prefer reading in my room but I can’t resist taking my book everywhere I go.

Haha I love bookmarks too, they’re so cool but for some reason I prefer having them to using them.

I still have a Tumblr blog but I never use it.

You too Jillie! Yes they are, it’s okay I love doing them!