Genre Breakdown 2014

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Thought I’d make a little infographic to see what genres I read the most from.

(mostly I wanted an excuse to make an infographic. They are so much fun.)

Genre Breakdown 2014 (1)

So. I kind of summed this up in my End of the Year Survey, but there’s always more to say.

Is anything different?

I guess I thought I might read a little differently since I started blogging, but based on the OVERALL facts, that’s not true at all. I clearly read the most YA Fantasy. And that’s what I read the most of before I started blogging too. But when you dig deeper, it’s clear that I am reading at least a little differently.

So what changed?

Here we have to look at the individual stats. The things I see more of are Contemporary, LGBT, and Retelling. I didn’t used to read very much (if any) of those genres before. And even though Retelling has only one, that’s still more than before. I don’t think I read a single retelling before last year, or if I did, I can’t remember it.

What stayed the same?

Pretty much everything else. I’ve always read quite a bit of adventure (mostly MG), a handful of classics per year, fantasy of course, a good portion of hicfic (my abbreviation for historical fiction), a little mystery, a lot of romance, some science fiction, and a tiny few nonfiction. Also, everything from the first graph stayed the same- genre by age. I always read more YA than anything, but still sizable chunks of Adult and MG.

What will be different this year?

Well, for starters, I don’t think I’ll be reading very much nonfiction at all. I learned my lesson and I know it won’t interest me as much as fiction, or even historical fiction (if I have the choice between a memoir/biography and a historical fiction that is mostly accurate, I will choose the latter). I also don’t have high hopes for poetry, even ARCs.

But I am striving to read more Contemporary (romance especially), LGBT, mythology, retellings, and just generally popular books. I’ve got quite a few reading challenges going on to help me with those goals.

So what about you?

What genres do you read the most from?

Comment below, my happy readers!



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