Adventure (inspired by Tolkien)

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What I think Tolkien was really good at is taking a common idea and turning it on its head. Like the beginning of The Hobbit. Here we have a society that discourages adventure. The whole society looks down on it. It takes the idea of a ‘reluctant adventurer’ to a whole new level. It’s not something to be celebrated. If you come back from an adventure, you are hated, a social pariah. That’s why when Bilbo did come back, everyone was auctioning off his stuff (after only like two years!) and he had to go to a deal of trouble to prove that he was actually Bilbo and everyone left disgruntled. That’s so opposite our society. Here if someone was chosen for an adventure we’d be excited and a little nervous, but nothing would be like it would in the Shire.

(Also from The Hobbit I learned that ‘good morning’ can indeed be a verb. Haha.)

But on those terms, I feel like a lot of people are still waiting for their adventure. There are a lot of people in our society that would be very good on an adventure. Not most people, but a lot of people. I’m a bit old to be expecting a Hogwarts letter, as I’m sure many people are, but I’m still prepared for something. I learned from literature that the older you get, the less likely you are to go on an adventure, unless you grow up in some alternate society. But I mean, look at Hogwarts, Narnia, Wonderland…they start so young. So the waiters in society today, like me, must find their own adventure. We must find our own magic in life. I’ve seen Up, so I know that sometimes life is just the adventure, but sometimes it can be more than that.

Like today, for instance (as of writing this post). The weather was great today. But it was also an unlikely combination of things. The first thing I thought when I went walking is, ‘this is perfect adventuring weather.’ It was a little warm, but there was a good breeze and the sky was overcast. It was great weather to be outside doing things, and I thought, if Bilbo was to leave the Shire on an adventure, it would be on a day like this. There was something in the air that said ‘something’s going to happen.’ Do you know what I mean? I’m sure other people can sense things like this. This is part of the magic that we use to keep ourselves happy and hopeful.

I’m not sure when my adventure will come, but in the meantime, I shall certainly not stay inside on a day that has perfect adventuring weather.




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