Love-a-thon High Five (mini challenge #5)

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~Spread the love~

Here are my high fives!


I’m currently reading the last book of the Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. It’s kinda MG fantasy but as usual I LOVE IT! I identify with Alanna a lot. She’s kinda OP but still awesome! I can’t wait to finish it.


I’m pretty torn between fantasy and contemporary (especially contemporary romance)! I have a feeling these two are going to be my most-read genres from here on out now that I’ve discovered the magic of contemporary. I know that if I pick up anything in either of these genres, chances are I’ll like it.


Naturally I’m all about Tamora Pierce right now. She writes pretty addicting fantasy even if it’s more MG than YA.


With so many awesome bloggers out there participating in the Love-a-thon, how can I choose just one or a few? You all are amazing. Keep on spreading the love!

Bookish Site

I’ve been using PaperBackSwap a lot lately- it’s the best used book trading site ever. Check out my post on it, or head on over to the site itself to see what it’s about.

So what are YOUR high fives? Keep on SPREADING THE LOVE! <3




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Alexa S.

Is this your first time reading any Tamora Pierce? Because she is one of my all-time favorites! All of her books are phenomenal, and my favorites are Song of the Lioness, the Immortals and all the Circle books <3