Pinky Pye by Eleanor Estes

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Pinky Pye by Eleanor EstesPinky Pye by Eleanor Estes
Illustrator: Edward Ardizzone
Series: The Pyes #2
Also in this series: Ginger Pye
Published by HMH Books for Young Readers on September 1st 2000
Genres: Middle Grade, Mystery
Pages: 258
Format: Paperback
Source: Owned
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In Pinky Pye, the Pye family adds another member. A furious black kitten abandoned on their doorstep endears itself to the whole family--even Ginger--and foreshadows another addition to the Pye family that will change their lives forever.

Main points

 Another great cute novel! I loved the addition of Pinky. She was so sassy and had a lot more spice than Ginger. She was a cute, feisty, conceited, talented, observant little kitten. I wish I had a kitten just like her.

This book was also considerably less sad than the first one. There was a nice little mystery though, even if it was pretty easy to guess. Even after you guessed it, you just had to see what happened, how things would work out.

It was quite hard to believe that Pinky could actually typewrite, but it was rather adorable to see things from her perspective, such as referring to Mr. Pye as Pye and a string bean as Bean. She is such a character. But the whole story really isn’t entirely about her, as Ginger Pye was mostly about Ginger. It’s about a certain other animal, too, and it’s about watching and observing.

I almost wish there was a third book. I’m sure there can be no end to the adventures of the Pyes.


“Must there be something to look at in order to look?”

-Pinky Pye, p. 120

This is a problem I often encounter. I’ll be staring into space, thinking about something, and inevitably, someone will come along wanting to know what I’m staring at. I’m not staring at anything. I’m just thinking, okay?

 reaction upon finishing

Awww how sweet!

this book in one word



About Eleanor Estes

Eleanor Ruth Rosenfeld (Estes)was an American children’s author. She was born in West Haven, Connecticut as Eleanor Ruth Rosenfield. Originally a librarian, Estes’ writing career began following a case of tuberculosis. Bedridden while recovering, Estes began writing down some of her childhood memories, which would later turn into full-length children’s books.

Overall: four-stars


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