Le Petit Prince

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Hi guys! I’m not going to do a traditional review on this book, only share some brief thoughts. We had to read it for French class. I loved it, but it was certainly quite sad. There were tons of good themes, of course, including the importance of things that are invisible- or rather, intangible.

I got inspired to do some artwork.

Le Petit Prince full color Le Petit Prince partial color


These prints are both available in my shop. Oh, did I not mention I had a print shop? Yes. Yes I do. There are other prints/illustrations/drawings in there as well. Have a look (:




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I loved this book too Ali!! :) It is one of my favorites because the story is so sweet, and the Prince is so innocent and childlike that I feel I want to give him a hug! I read the book in English, but I would have loved to read it in French too (if only I could understand French). I had no idea you had a print shop :o The stuff there are so cute! Great job!


This books sounds so cute!