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Hello everyone! To celebrate my return to the book blogosphere, I am planning on hosting a blog hop sort of thing! I’ve never done it before but I’m fine with making things up as I go along. So I’ve been re-reading my Harry Potter books in order to actually review them and I decided that Harry Potter is too big of a deal to just post the reviews normally. So I decided to make an event of it. It started out just being a week-long series thing, one review a day, etc. like I have done before. But then it escalated quite a bit. There will be other types of HP-related posts during this week. And now, I’m going to bring you guys into it as well!

Here’s the plan:

  •  The Hogwarts term starts on September 1st. So that’s when we’re going to start the week. We have until then to prepare all of our celebration posts and reviews. If you’ve read the books already but haven’t reviewed them (like me), you can either re-read them to review (hopefully it’s enough time- it’s a little less than a month) or try to write the reviews from memory. If you’ve reviewed them, you can choose to re-publish your reviews to bring them back into the spotlight. If you haven’t read Harry Potter but would like to, now is your chance. HOWEVER if for any reason you do not wish to post reviews during this celebration you are not obligated to. You can post other things (see list below).
  • During this week we can go all-out crazy and post any Harry Potter-related type thing we can think of. I will have a suggestion list below but if you have other ideas, PLEASE share them in the comments!
  • There will be a list on my blog at the beginning of the week with the participating blogs and the master schedule, and each day of the celebration I will have a post up saying which blogs have posts that day. This is where the ‘blog-hopping’ comes in.  You guys can post the master schedule on your own blogs and let your readers know what the other participants are posting or simply pick your favorites and spotlight them.

Post suggestions:

  •  List of favorite quotes.
  •  HP-related recipes (bonus points if you’ve made them!)
  •  Essays on themes found in Harry Potter (perfect for essay geeks and writers like me)
  •  List of favorite characters/crushes
  •  Character interviews/fan fiction (I put these in the same category because I think it would be really funny if someone made up an interview with a HP character)
  •  Lists of favorite books/movies in series in order
  •  description of what it  was like to see HP world at Universal (or wherever)
  • additionally, photos of you at HP world or Platform 9 3/4 (I have one!)
  •  Cool merchandise/fan-made things related to the series (preferably things we can buy!)
  •  Photos of your HP books/merchandise collection
  •  anything artsy or craftsy related to HP (bonus points if it’s something you’ve made!)
  •  HP-related nail art (bonus if you give a tutorial)
  •  things you’ve found on Pinterest (one of my friends has a whole HP board and it is the best thing I have ever seen)

What you need to do:

  • To sign up, leave a comment below with your blog URL and what sort of things you have in mind to post (reviews, any of the things listed above, your own ideas, etc.).
  • When you’ve got all your posts prepared and scheduled, SEND ME AN EMAIL at anotarainni@yahoo.com saying what posts you have scheduled and the date they are scheduled for. This will allow me to add you to the master schedule and direct people to your blog.

REMEMBER: This is supposed to be a fun thing! This is extremely low-obligation. If you don’t have time, if you can’t read or re-read the books, if you don’t want to post reviews or anything else, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. If you want to post one measly list of your favorite characters or some cool HP thing you found on Pinterest or Etsy, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN and you will be included in the blog hop. If you’re planning on posting ANYTHING HP-related during the week of the 1st, you are eligible to be included.


Yes! I am doing a giveaway. This is for both blog hop participants and readers, although more entries if you participate. Since this is for fans of Harry Potter, all of whom I am assuming have READ Harry Potter, it would be silly to have the books as a prize. HOWEVER, not all of us have had the chance to read the companion books, so I am giving away the Hogwarts Library, which consists of Quidditch Through the Ages, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I myself haven’t read all of them, though I did read a little of Beedle. The giveaway will start on September 1st and will be on the master schedule post. It will be open until the 7th. There will be 3 options for participants to link up their blog posts, and I have made it so they can be done once a day, so you can link as many as 21 posts.

DEPENDING on the amount of participants we have, I may increase the amount of prizes. I may give away 2 Libraries (to 2 different people). I may add additional merchandise as a prize. If you have ideas for something you would like to see as a prize, please comment below. I am thinking things $30 or less are reasonable.

Also please note that this giveaway will be open to US only. Sorry international folks! Still love you guys!


I have created a few graphics that you can use on your blogs/posts to advertise the event. I do encourage you to share this so we can have the most participation possible. Also, I am not the best graphic designer out there, so if you have creativity and time, please feel free to design your own buttons/banners to advertise this event. I may just use yours instead.

HP week sq logo

This one fits on sidebars.

hp week banner

This banner is best used on posts.

HP week participant

This also fits on sidebars.

If you have ANY suggestions/ideas for this event, please comment below or email me!

Thanks for reading and I hope you participate!




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