Help Amber raise funds for school!

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Hi everyone! I’m writing this post on behalf of Amber from The Mile-Long Bookshelf. She’s an amazing blogger and writer and she needs help to raise funds in order to attend school. She has to go to an online school called InterHigh because her chronic anxiety renders her unable to to go regular school. The problem is, her old school cannot fund her place and her parents cannot either, so she needs our help. Read her blog post and watch her video here.

I am just about to go off to college (in a week) and as someone who has dealt with anxiety for a long time, I know it is difficult. I do not have as much of a problem with it as most (mine is limited to driving, being around large groups of strangers, and answering phones, mostly), and I value education very greatly, so I have pledged 60 pounds. I don’t have tons of money but I can afford this much (I wish it could be more), and if any of you have some to spare, this cause would definitely be worth it. I urge you to check out her project and donate here if you can. Otherwise, just spreading the word would be fantastic. We’re almost halfway through with our goal as of now and we still have 26 days left, so I am fairly confident we will make it, but sometimes pledging fades out toward the end and I want us to raise the money sooner rather than later. Oh, and did I mention there are rewards? Check out her project to learn more.

This is something that I consider really important, seeing as anxiety is one of the more overlooked disorders in our society and getting a good education is still as valuable (some might even say necessary) as ever. It would mean the world to me (and Amber as well) if you would at least check it out and spread the word. Hopefully we can raise the funds!

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Amber @ The Mile Long Bookshelf

I must have missed this back when the campaign was running – sorry! Just stumbled across this post and it’s so lovely of you. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you <3