First editing project completed!

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Hey friends! I am so pleased to say that I finally completed my first freelance editing project and it was absolutely wonderful. The author that I got to work with was fantastic and left this super nice testimonial:

Awesome Book Assessment was excellent. As a traditionally published author, I was a little nervous about taking my first step into the world of self-publishing, because I wasn’t sure I could find the quality of editing I’ve previously enjoyed with my publishers. I’ve worked as a copy editor for many years, so I was very critical when reviewing samples from editors who I was considering working with. After receiving unsatisfactory samples from various freelance editors, Alicia demonstrated her competency in grammar and mechanics in hers. She also provided useful feedback for content edits. At every step of the process, from signing the contract to the completed project, Alicia was professional, courteous, and thorough, which is all I could possibly ask for from an editor.
Also, since she edited my first book under my self-published pseudonym, I have already had several early readers mention the quality of the editing. I’m so appreciative of Alicia for her work on my book, and I look forward to using her again in the near future. I would highly recommend her.

Because of this experience, I get to raise my rates a little bit. (:

 Anyway, if you or someone you know needs an editor, here I am! Check out my Editing Services page and/or spread the word about my services! Please and thanks (:




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Jillian @ Jillian's Books

ALI I’M SO PROUD OF YOU <3 This is so exciting, and I can't wait to find out how your freelance editing services go through the future to come :D I hope all things go well! Were there any succeeding projects right after? I'm so excited for you!!