Romancing Brimstone by Brit McGinnis

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Romancing Brimstone by Brit McGinnis

I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Romancing Brimstone by Brit McGinnisRomancing Brimstone by Brit McGinnis
Published by Smashwords Edition on September 7th 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 258
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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Things aren’t going well for Mika. Engaged to a man she doesn’t love and facing a future she has no interest in, she’s lost and alone. She’s attending the funeral of the only person who ever truly understood her (in the company of her overbearing mother and fussy fiancé, no less!) when she meets the man who will change her life forever.
Except, well… he’s not a man. He’s the Devil. The real-life Devil.
Scary, right? But it turns out the Devil has a choice for Mika. But it’s not an ordinary choice: Become Satan’s bride and rule in Hell amongst the demons and lost souls, or marry Nick and remain in the world of humans. Forget love. This is a chance for the freshest start of all.
Brit McGinnis’ intriguing supernatural romance Romancing Brimstone upends everything you may have wondered about love, commitment, and the world beyond life and death. Mika’s not your average runaway bride. She’s ready for a change of scenery, and Satan himself may be the one to change her heart.

Main points

I liked this book a lot! I’ll tell you what I liked about it. I always like when paranormal books have surprisingly human aspects or themes. I like how much this book was about marriage and the relationship between man and wife. I liked how aspects of religion tied into it, both confirming and denying things people have been taught to fit the message of the book. It was very creative.

Next I’m going to talk about the central conflict. If this would be a spoiler to you, skip the next paragraph.

I loved how the central conflict was that Satan was having a difficult time seeing Mika as his equal, and in a way this was very appropriate. It is a very old-fashioned way of thinking, woman being subservient to man. And this was not just because Satan was a deity and Mika was human. Parts of it were, but there were also more human aspects, like the issue of polygamy and how Mika was expected not to do any work—to have no real job or purpose other than to be at home. And it makes sense that Satan would have this mindset, because he is as old as time itself (in fact, he is outside of time). He is the most old-fashioned, the original old-fashioned. And a deity, to top it off. It is no wonder that he and Mika did not see eye-to-eye on the status of modern wives. What Mika did to try to fix this problem is certainly not what is recommended, but it seemed to work out in a way that was appropriate for the situation.

But I loved how this problem was the central one in the book, rather than it being about some paranormal theme. It was woven in with Mika’s life and her realizations about herself and her past. Truth be told, the plot was rather meandering until the end—it seemed to be just Mika living her new life, with one seemingly random event happening after the other, without a central theme. But it was still difficult to put down. Brit has mastered the art of the uneasy atmosphere. Other details seemed surprising but fascinating—such as her descriptions of light, feelings, and even Satan’s sense of wonder at human things that Mika had taken for granted. It is worth reading just to see these almost otherworldly descriptions.

Mika herself seemed a bit lost. As a matter of fact, so did Satan, at times. It felt right that they were together, because they seemed to find meaning in their own lives as well as in each other just by being together. In the end, all of the events that Mika experiences and all of her realizations come together to form a cohesive picture of who she is and how she’s been affected by her past and her decisions. She knows who she is, where she belongs and what she is meant to do. That’s really all one can hope to know. She becomes less lost. And Satan learns a little in the process as well.

Overall, it’s one of those books that may seem more light-hearted, but will sit with you for a long time. I feel like something about it will stay in my subconscious for a while. It has a lot of meaning. It’s not a typical or predictable tale by any means.

Another book that talks about the struggles of marriage with a deity is Lover, Divine by A. Star.

 reaction upon finishing

*in awed voice* wow

this book in two words

unexpectedly deep



About Brit McGinnis

I’m am author of scary things, with a tinge of romance and plenty of adventure. I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my boyfriend and collection of horror films.

Overall: four-stars


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