What YOU Can Do to Improve the Book Blogosphere

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Welcome to my first official post for Jillie’s Blogger Positivity Campaign! Here I’ll be giving a few ideas on how each blogger can improve the community.


This is definitely the most important. Conversation is what keeps the blogosphere going. Yes, talking and raving and flailing on social media are all well and good, but what are our social media for anyway? For a lot of us, it’s another way of advertising our blogs. Our blog is where the real action is happening, through reviews and discussion posts etc. I advise this: When reading a blog post that you have something to say about, SAY IT. Comment. (Well, be positive; unless you can reasonable and respectfully disagree with someone, keep quiet.) It doesn’t matter what type of post it is. If you had ANY thoughts whatsoever while/after reading it, see if you can’t make a conversation out of it by commenting. It’s wonderful to know that people are actually reading and thinking about our posts when we’ve worked so hard on them.

Also, please try to actually say something with substance; I know a lot of bloggers don’t enjoy just seeing ‘nice post’ or even worse: ‘nice post, visit my blog [insert blog link here]’.


This is also very important. I know it’s hard to post regularly for a lot of people; life gets in the way. But that doesn’t mean you should load up your blog with filler content. It’s very easy to tell and no one wants to read filler. Try to post stuff you know about, are passionate about, and you think others will find interesting. It’s much better to have a blog with a few excellent posts than a blog with tons of filler. If you post quality things, your followers will be willing to wait weeks between posts and will be all over what you DO post.


This works on a few different levels. If you find something you like on the internet that you think your readers will also enjoy, make a post about it. Share the love. If you find something cool that another blogger did or posted about, make your own post with your take on it and link back to the blogger’s original post. I’ve done this a number of times. Also, if you enjoy someone else’s post, share it on social media. This will help it get a larger audience and inspire more conversation.


I know for a fact that the book blogging community LOVES celebrating anything and everything and is always looking for an excuse to do it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get in on the fun. Tons of bloggers have giveaways on their birthdays or blogoversaries, and you can give back. Write a nice note. Write some poetry. Send them a book. Make a card and send it or take a picture of it. This will be guaranteed to make their day and you will be labelled MOST LOYAL FOLLOWER #1. Just kidding. But it would be a super nice thing to do. And chances are they’ll do it for your birthday.

This goes for things other than birthdays, too. There are tons of holidays out there. There are just things in general that deserve celebration. Star Wars has its May the 4th holiday. All the time is Harry Potter time. SHARE THE LOVE. Do something fun. Host a blog hop. Have a giveaway. Write a long fangirling post on why you love said thing/person. Celebrate and others will want to celebrate with you. It’s the most fun thing.


Be the blogger you’d want to be best friends with. This kinda goes without saying, but being positive and reasonable is the best way to have a good experience in the book blogging community. Don’t let things get to you. If things come up, work them out in a reasonable, rational way. Don’t lose your head. Make others want to treat you as nicely as you treat them. Kill them with kindness. (They might at least treat you nicely out of guilt.) Don’t further any hostility you encounter. Don’t take sides. Try to find a compromise. Be the role model. And if you can, stay away from negativity. 

The whole point of this campaign is to spread positivity. Doing this in any way you can will make you a blogger I’d want to follow. Love you guys!




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Jen Schaper

Great suggestions! I definitely agree with commenting and sharing the love. I recently started a news feature where I’ll post some of the most interesting (to me) posts from around the blogosphere. That’s my way of sharing the love.


Love this! All your arguments are on point and I’d say that I definitely do #1, #2 and #5, but I’m not so sure about #3 and #4. I guess I’m sort of celebrating things this month by doing this positivity campaign, but I neeed to get better at sharing! I barely share my own posts and I never share other peoples… I must improve on that!!

Jillian @ Jillian's Books

Woohoo I can finally comment haha ^_^

I think #2 and #5 are the most important to me! It’s always important to never post filler content for the sake of having some new content to the blog. I think posts should be meaningful and passionate, and should never be written just for the sake of it. Quality content is always an important factor that bloggers should take into account :) Also, I seriously agree with the last one. “Be the blogger you want to follow.” I always stalk the blogs that have very nice and different content each week, and not just those that have repetitive reviews all over the place. It’s always important to know that if you have an ideal blogger in mind, you can always BE that ideal blogger as well :)

Zoe @ Stories on Stage

YES, YES, YES to all of these points Alicia! Commenting and discussing with others is what makes the blogging experience so incredible and rewarding. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3

Erin @ The Hardcover Lover

I hate when people leave a comment that just says “nice post” or “nice review.” It just makes me feel like they didn’t even read my post. I actually had a reader who would do that, and eventually it just turned into something like, “Check out my latest post” with no reference to anything. It was really frustrating because I felt like it was just a way to get me to up this person’s stats. I know that when I comment, I really comment. It’s just who I am. I like to really let the blogger know what I thought, and all that. It’s just the nice thing to do.

Jess @ Princessica of Books

Great topic! I did a similar one so I can definitely relate to where you are coming from. A lot of hardwork goes into these posts so it really pays off seeing the comments, connections, and all that wonderful stuff. I really love tip #5!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

How funny that I just popped over to your blog from your comment on my birthday/blogoversary post and happened to see a link (on your character vs. plot post) to this one! I love that you mentioned celebrating those special days with your blogger friends – we must be on the same wavelength!!!