3+ Bloggers that are AWESOME

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Welcome to my third post for my blogging bestie Jillie’s Blogger Positivity Campaign! This week we’re giving shout-outs to specific bloggers that we love.

The Mile Long Bookshelf

#1: Amber at The Mile Long Bookshelf

Amber is the coolest. She has so many accomplishments and has been blogging for so long. She’s always got fantastic ideas and interesting opinions. She’s one of the people who doesn’t post obsessively but I read every single one, even the reviews. And I don’t read as many book reviews anymore. But I know that she’ll be able to recommend books I’d like or put me off ones that I wouldn’t. She’s reliable that way. She’s also super nice and just a fun person to talk to. She has great content as well. It’s a mix between fun and serious but she’s definitely not afraid to talk about the hard stuff or the personal stuff and I admire her for that. I can also connect with her on a few things like anxiety. She’s a great blogger (:


#2: Ashley at Nose Graze

Ashley is one of the most fantastic bloggers ever. She is extremely knowledgeable about blogging and WordPress and has a huge number of super helpful tips and tutorials for free. She also has wonderful plugins that have saved many a book blogger’s sanity. She has helped me personally on all my blog issues and panic moments. She also designed my various seasonal headers, background, and button. She’s also a great person with a super fun personality. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks. If you don’t know Ashley, check out her blog NOW. (:


#3: Shelly & Octavia at Read. Sleep. Repeat.

These two are awesome. They’re a great co-blogging team. They’re both very exciting people and it’s always fun to read their posts. They also have a number of great tools & tips, including the So You Want to Go to BEA series and the Organize Your Blog series. I highly suggest checking these out.

let’s not forget Jillie.

She’s the best. She and I have been blogging besties for a long time now and that’s not going to change even though life is getting busier. Her posts are always fantastic and she thinks of things I could never come up with. She’s an inspiration. Also she has the most gorgeous blog designs that always amaze me, especially since she’s on Blogger and I can’t do designs for the life of me. She is also full of great ideas like THIS CAMPAIGN! So a massive thanks to my blog buddy. CHECK HER OUT.




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Zoe @ Stories on Stage

I love all of these bloggers too Alicia! I don’t know what I’d do without Ashley and her amazing plugins and coding advice, and Amber’s reviews and vlogs are incredible. I haven’t visited Shelly & Octavia’s blog yet, but obviously I’m going to fix that ASAP because they seem incredible. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

Jillian @ Jillian's Books

You’re so sweet Ali! You’ll always be the COOLEST ever, and seriously thanks a lot! Now that 2015 is going to end just after December ends, I can’t believe it’s a given fact that it’s been nearly 2 years now since I’ve been here — and since we’ve been friends ^.^

I admire Ashley the most! Her blog is always so informative and helpful; I love her coding tutorials because they really help a lot. I also admire how she always addresses our coding concerns too :) Amber’s blog is also one of the best! I loved reading through it :D

Great post Ali!