Genre Breakdown 2015

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I loved doing this last year so I thought I’d do it again. Let’s have a look at the genres I read this year!

Genre Breakdown 2015 (1)

Is anything different?

Well, first of all, I changed the way I do age genres, separating young and new adult. I also got rid of the nonfiction genre this year because I didn’t read any (ha! That was my prediction from last year). I added horror and paranormal. I guess this was the first year I read horror and must not have classified paranormal as a genre before. I think I put it under fantasy. Secondly, based on those changes, it’s clear that things are definitely different from last year. Also, it is important to note that there are some overlaps, the most common being contemporary romance. I really should start making that one category.

So what changed?

The winners are different. Because I separated young adult and new adult, young adult still won but in its own category. This isn’t surprising. For the second chart, romance won out over fantasy (by a close margin). (However, I wager that most of those fantasies are romance as well anyway.) I read fewer adult and middle grade novels, and I attribute this mostly to having read primarily ARCs or library books this year rather than books off my own shelf. The few middle grade books I did read were re-reads from my shelves. I also read horror novels, which I guess I didn’t last year. I read fewer LGBT books. (I have a whole shelf on Goodreads though of LGBT BTRs.) I didn’t read any non-fiction (no surprise there). I guess the main thing was that young adult romance (and fantasy) just skyrocketed this year.

What stayed the same?

Pretty much everything else. The numbers for other genres are relatively low. I don’t branch out very often.

What surprised me?

The fact that Romance beat out Fantasy. Given the choice I’ll choose fantasy any day, as I tend to associate romance with contemporary romance. (I mean, I enjoy reading them, but I dislike the idea of them. It’s complicated.) But I always love fantasy. However, it kinda makes sense once you remember that I overlap. So a lot of the romances were probably fantasies as well. Romance just covered both contemporary and fantasy. I guess, then, I didn’t read too many fantasy books without romance. (Yeah, where would the fun be in those?) I’m just a walking contradiction…

What will be different next year?

I’m predicting a lot will stay the same. I’ve found my comfort zone and I like reading books I know I’ll enjoy. But I do think that adult novels will rise a little as I work my way through my ARCs and middle grades might do the same as I work my way through my shelves. I’ve given up setting lofty goals for myself such as X number of mythology books or retellings. That’s why I’m not doing reading challenges. It’s unrealistic. I’m a mood reader.

So what about you?

What genres do you read the most from? Have you changed over the years?

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