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save big on editing.

I’m having my first ever editing sale this month. Because of the upcoming holidays, I’ve decided to give you guys 25% off all editing projects this month. ALL of them. And I edit pretty much anything (except non-fiction books).

For fiction books:

  • copy editing/proofreading
  • content editing
  • both
  • ARC proofreading (+ review, with only the content/premise considered)

Shorter works:

  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Blog posts
  • Short stories
  • any other short work

How much do I usually charge?

For content editing OR copy editing, I charge either $.002 or $.003 per word (Microsoft Word Count) depending on a few things. That’s the average. For shorter works, either $1 or $2 per page.

So let’s say you have a 70,000 word book you want me to proofread. It’s relatively light on errors. Normally you’d pay $140. With the 25% off, now you’re paying only $105! Pretty good deal, I’d say.


now through the end of December.

That’s right. You can book me for editing projects and get the reduced price any time from now until the end of December. I can start as soon as mid-January and am able to work within a deadline. I’ve edited for established authors before so I’ve got some experience. If you’re not sure, the first part of the process is to send me a sample (a chapter or so) and I’ll edit it for you so you can get a good idea of how I work. (:

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