2016 Goals + Resolutions

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Let’s resolve.

I know I already did a post with some of my goals, the 2015 End of the Year Survey, but this will be a slightly different list- more things on it, but briefer descriptions. If you want tons of details (well, my stream-of-consciousness as I came up with the ideas) then check out the former post.

I don’t do New Years Resolutions, for myself at least, because I’m generally awful at setting lofty goals and following through. Plus I’m pretty happy with where I am. But I’m fantastic at to-do lists and reasonable goals, so that’s what I’ll be creating for my blog here. I’ll check back in at the end of the year and see what I completed, but as I complete each one I’ll check it off on this list as well.

the list

 I’ll have a nice little form for review requests from authors once I start accepting them officially again. (Still just doing blog tours.) That might not be for a while because I actually do want to get to the books I own but have not read first.

 I’ll start doing series wrap-up posts with series ratings.

 I’m going to start implementing Parajunkee’s book blogger icons with my tags.

 I still have to go through all my old reviews and re-format them with UBB.

I will finally introduce the bookish crafts I have been working on.

I am going to start doing the End of the Year survey as a bookish awards ceremony with nominations throughout the year so I can actually remember what each book has going for it instead of trying desperately to remember all 100+ books at the end of the year. More on this in last year’s Survey, but it will be more organized in an upcoming post.

I may actually host the Harry Potter week-long celebration this year. It may not happen, but it’s a goal of mine.

I’ll start a new blog feature where I give editing/writing tips.

I’ll start having more blogger interviews on my blog.

I will take a proper inventory of all 480 books I own on Goodreads. (9 are not on GR.)

Do some research on formatting eBooks. (The purpose of this will be twofold: formatting my own eBooks when I finish writing them, and perhaps making money doing it for others. A sort of add-on to my editing business.)

things that MIGHT happen

 I may start writing a book.

I may have paid advertising and expedited review opportunities on my blog.

 I may start an online magazine/newspaper.


Along with these are the typical goals of reading more books (I set my Goodreads goal to 120 books this year instead of 100), commenting more and meeting more bloggers, having more discussion posts, etc.

So those are my goals for 2016! What are yours?

new signature

UPDATE (for reference when I check my accomplishments at the end of the year):

  • I have started a bookstagram. (Instagram for books.) Username: firefox9799
  • I’ve gotten back into booktubing. Yes, I’m jumping on all the bandwagons now.


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Good luck with all your resolutions! I hope you have a wonderful 2016.
Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


Those goals sound great! Good luck.

Stephanie B

These are really awesome goals, Alicia! Blogger interviews are fun to read. I wish there were more of them. I just recently moved from Blogger to WordPress so I know what you mean with getting stuff reformatted. I have a bunch of reviews that need to be added to the UBB review index. Start writing that book of yours! You won’t regret it. Best of luck with the expedited reviews! I hope it works out.

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

You have some amazing goals for 2016, Alicia, I’m cheering for you already! It’s great to have a specific plan, even if you may tweak it a little bit as you go on.

Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense

Love these goals! I’d especially be interested in a HP celebration week. It looks like you’re going to have quite the productive year. Good luck with all your goals!

Cait @ Paper Fury

These are epic sounding goals, Alicia! WOOT. I would like to look into advertising and things too, but I have nooo idea where to even start or go. XD So I usually just hide in my hobbit hole and don’t utilise things like that. xD That’d be a good goal for me to investigate too! OH OH and writing is everything. Good luck with your possible writing project. ;D
Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!