The 2016 Bookies: The Ultimate Bookish Awards Ceremony

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This is my idea for a different sort of End of the Year survey! We’ll be doing it award-ceremony-style. I talked a little about this in last year’s End of the Year survey, but I’ll sum up the main points here.

  • The awards are going to be Bookies. (Like Grammys or Oscars.) “Oh, that book? Yeah, I think I gave it a Bookie last year for best contemporary romance.” Isn’t that cute? I think it’s a cute name for an award. (And it rhymes with cookies.) Fun fact: bookie apparently means bookmaker, which could have something to do with betting or could be just someone who makes books. I make books, so how fitting. (:
  • The part of this that will make this easier on my memory is the concept of nominations. As I read each book, I can choose to nominate it for any number of categories of awards. So at the end of the year, each category will have a nice little list of a few books (hopefully no more than ten) for each category and I only have to remember those books when determining the final winner. It won’t go by rating because realistically most of the books nominated will have high ratings. Hence their nomination. It’ll most likely go by how I feel at the time. That’s how I give books their final ratings anyway.
  •  What would also be fun is if there is a people’s choice aspect: If other bloggers have a different opinion on what book should have won, they can comment and we can give those books honorable mentions.
  • When a book has won, I’ll go back and give the book a nice little Bookie award on its review, corresponding with the year.
  • There will also be a list at the end for the All-Time favorites. If I think one of the books is good enough, perhaps the Best Book Overall, it will be added to my list of All-Time favorites, which is ongoing and cumulative for all the years and forever. That is the highest honor a book can receive and results in a fancier Award.
  • There will be categories for characters too. Best main character, best villain, best couple, best non-romantic relationship, etc. If a character or more from the same book win a category, their book will receive a Bookie. It would be quite easy for a book to receive multiple Bookies, especially with nomination crossovers. The more a book has, the higher the chance of it receiving an All-Time Favorite Bookie. There will be categories for other “in the book” type things, like world-building.
  • Along that same line of thinking, there will also be categories for Series and Authors.
  • There will also be brackets. I’m thinking two, one for best female character and one for best male character (not necessarily bookish boyfriends or girlfriends). But you can really do whatever you want. Start with a number, maybe 16 or so, and pit the ones of equal caliber against each other until one is left. It may not be entirely fair to some, but it is possible. The contestants will be judged for their qualities: looks, brains, humor, wit, friendliness, loyalty, ingenuity, swoon-worthiness, generosity, etc. The winner will receive the Best Female/Male Character Bookie.  These brackets will continue to be filled out throughout the year until about the last month (or maybe January of the next year depending on when you want to publish the results). People may be kicked out of the bracket and new ones may be added until the final bracket is assembled. One you have 16 (or however many) people for your bracket, you can then narrow it down in a deadly elimination election. You can publish the results all at once or on a regular basis (maybe weekly, or daily). I will probably do it once every week leading up to the final week, when I will publish my Bookie Awards Ceremony results post. For me, the brackets will close at the beginning of December and any eligible characters will be included in the following year’s bracket. The book nominations will continue until the day the awards are published.

That’s the general overview! You don’t have to have a book for every category each year. I know I won’t. I decided to make my own graphics for the actual Awards. I’ll be posting them below so you can use them yourself. There will be a linkup at the end of the year when I publish the results so if you want to do this too, you can. Also, feel free to suggest more award ideas. I’ll make the accompanying graphics.

Book Awards

There are 53 awards in this category, so go here to download them: 

Click the button and then click it once more, when it turns into Checkout.

Series Awards

new favorite series best series I want to see as a movie or TV adaptation best movie adaptation of a series best consistently amazing series







Author Awards

want to read all books by author new favorite author







Inside the Books Awards

There are 15 awards in this category, so click here to download them: 

All-Time Favorite Award

all-time favorite








Don’t forget to create your brackets! Here are the awards.

favorite female character favorite male character






Mailing List for New Graphics

Fill out the form below to be added to the mailing list! I will only use your email to send you new Award graphics as I create them. Let me know anytime when you want to be taken off the list.

If you decide to do this along with me, be sure to link back to this post! Happy nominating (:

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