The Divide by E. J. Mellow

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The Divide by E. J. Mellow

I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 16 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug use, alcohol use, language, and/or violence.
The Divide by E. J. MellowThe Divide by E.J. Mellow
Series: Dreamland #2
Also in this series: The Dreamer
Published by Four Eyed Owl on October 15th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Fantasy
Pages: 327
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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Molly finally uncovers the truth about the strange dreams that plagued her sanity for weeks. Now destined to accept a clandestine role, Molly must find the strength and courage buried deep to push forward and succeed.
With the help of Dev, the roguish blue-eyed man of her dreams—whose dark past resurfaces to haunt him—Molly prepares to test the limits of her newly awakened powers and set right a world on the edge of being consumed by nightmares.
But when an unknown shadow stalks her every step and a shocking revelation about her ancestry comes to light, Molly may find herself forced to make a decision that could leave her alone in the dark and standing on the wrong side of a divide.
Don’t miss The Divide—the heart-thumping second installment in The Dreamland Series.

Main points

This book was a fantastic sequel. Like, unbelievably good. Worth every star. It had an incredibly heartbreaking ending, but I’m confident things will wrap up in the next book. It was just hard to deal with in the moment. It was one of those Murphy’s Law moments—you knew what the worst thing that could happen was, and you knew it was going to happen. Well, I did, anyway. I’ve noticed a pattern. If there’s a confrontation at the very end of a book, and it’s not the last in the series, it’s probably going to end in a way that makes it a cliffhanger. A bad way.

I had forgotten some of the first book before reading this one, so I had to go and skim the last couple chapters to get a refresher, but I caught up quickly when I started reading this one. The main ideas were re-introduced. Other things came back to me as time went on. It was easy to fall into the routine again. Now, I don’t remember if I felt this way when reading the first one, but this book was extremely absorbing. I lived this book, if you know what I mean. It may have had something to do with Molly being incredibly relatable as a character, but it also may have been the general feel of it. Like the situations were so realistic as to how people actually act that it was easy to see it all playing out, to imagine that you actually have a part in it. I feel this to an extent in a lot of books, but this was an unusually intense emotional investment. I didn’t forget that I was just reading it and wasn’t actually in the story like I have with maybe one or two books before, but I did find myself having imaginary conversations with the characters at various points. When you can imagine interacting with a character in that way, that’s when you know the characters are real. (That sort of touches on a belief of mine that I haven’t written about yet—I believe all fiction is real in some way or another. I haven’t explored this too much yet as to how I really believe it, but I just know I do. It also has something to do with why I put fairy tales in the Mythology section of my bookshelf. Well, that wouldn’t make as much sense to you if you didn’t know that I consider mythology a form of religion. But now you know. I’ll probably write on this soon.) Anyway, yes. The characters are real. I love Molly. I love all of them. I knew that some of the more closed-off ones would come round. I could tell.

The world-building is still fantastic. It just keeps getting better and better. I know I described Terra as being like Disney World in my review of The Dreamer, and though it’s definitely more horrifying in this book, it still has that magical feel to it. And of course there’s the fact that it’s always night. But it really does have a way of worming itself into your life. Like the expressions… “For the love of Terra,” “In all of Terra,” etc. It didn’t quite feel like home, exactly, at least not yet, but it still felt like somewhere I’d rather stay. I didn’t want to leave. New, incredibly cool stuff just kept popping up. We saw a lot more of Terra in this book than the previous one.

So, yeah, plot got a little more intense…The tragedies were still low, though, thankfully. Not as much heartbreak as I was expecting. There was a lot of serious stuff going on at all times though. It didn’t ever become too much to keep track of, but I was still grateful for Molly’s wit and sarcasm. I burst out laughing at perhaps four points in the book and internally chuckled at several others. Also, Molly’s and Dev’s banter was still hilarious.

Speaking of Dev, yeah, still very hot. Still very typically alpha-male-with-tortured-past. But hey, that’s why we love him. Definitely doesn’t hide what he’s thinking, and thank goodness Molly doesn’t either. In fact, that’s probably my favorite thing about Molly. She doesn’t like ignoring the elephant in the room. She likes straight-out confrontation and talking about things. No mind games or petty reactions. It’s a little painful at times, the confrontations, but it definitely saves a lot of time and emotional stress. I’m not going to give spoilers on how things go with them, but it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

Oh yeah, the end again…So tons more backstory and new developments happen in this book, and it’s fantastic and all over the place, but the end goal is still very simple. However, a few big bombshells get dropped. The only one I was able to guess was the identity of a certain person at the end, but that still didn’t prepare me for what that person was going to do. So this book will keep you on your toes for sure. And a lot of the things look like they can’t be resolved. (And after that ending, it looks like a lot more important things won’t even be given a chance to resolve.) The straight-forward things might be resolved, the ones that were the biggest issues at the beginning of the book, before the bombshells and plot twists. But there are always complications. However. I am a firm believer in happily-ever-afters and I am fully expecting one in the next book. (This is a trilogy, right?) I don’t care how it gets done. They’ll find a way. Actually, I totally care how it gets done. That’s literally the only reason we ever read books. Unless it’s a tragedy, we know it’s going to end happily. And the how is the entertaining part.

So! If you haven’t read the first book and love the idea of [super amazing] dream-traveling action/romance, go for it! And then read this one! And then impatiently await the next one! Go go go! Read away! And tell me how much you loved it!

(I can’t believe I forgot how good this series was. Thank goodness I was able to read this book to remind me.)

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Wow this sounds like an awesome series and so well written too – from the emotional aspects to the world building. So happy you liked it! :)


I didn’t know this was a sequel. The series sounds awesome, though! And what a gorgeous cover.