2016 Love-a-thon: Mix and Match mini challenge

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Love on, Love-a-thon

Hey guys! Some of you may already know this, but I am a huge crafter in addition to being a huge reader and I have my own online shop, aliciacraft.com. I sell bookish jewelry/charms (but there may be more stuff in the future!). I have a post on this already that I posted last month, so I’ll direct you to that and let it do the talking.

P.S. You’ll have the opportunity to win anything from my shop in a giveaway sometime during the Love-a-thon! Keep your eyes peeled.

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4 Comments on "2016 Love-a-thon: Mix and Match mini challenge"

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They are all so pretty! What a beautiful way to celebrate your love for books :)

Alexa S.

Your crafts are lovely! I’m so glad you’re sharing them with us, and so glad you donated to the Love-a-Thon prizes too :D