2016 Love-a-thon Tea Party mini challenge

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It’s Tea Time.

So what would my ultimate tea party look like? Well, obviously the Mad Hatter would have to be present, because no proper tea party would be complete without him. And Alice, for contrast. Need a balance. I mean, anyone from Wonderland would be welcome. I would also invite my blog bestie Jillie from Jillian’s Books. As for authors, I might invite Kristin Cashore, author of my favorite series (The Graceling Realm series), and Kate DiCamillo, author of The Tale of Despereaux and Because of Winn-Dixie among other books. Her children’s books have such a grown-up feel to them. It’s fascinating and kind of saddening at times.

You know, when I was in London last summer I did have a chance to have an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party at the hotel we stayed at. It was for the books’ 150th anniversary. (I took advantage and bought 4 new editions.) The tea party was excellent and really well thought-out. The only problem was that there was TOO MUCH food and sweets. But they had really lovely tea and chocolate cups and macarons with clocks and mousse like the Cheshire Cat’s tail and cakes shaped like the Mad Hatter’s top hat. And more. A truly wonderful experience. I would have things like that at my tea party. And a bunch of apple pastries- apple pie, apple crisp, apple jelly, basically anything you could put an apple in. Also lemon-flavored things. I’m more a fan of those than rich desserts- like chocolate and cakes and such. I do like some cookies. And macarons especially. As for the actual tea, I like peppermint, chamomile, apple cinnamon, fruit herbal teas, and any combination of them.

As for location, why, Wonderland of course!

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You know, after looking for all those photos, I would kill for a party like that. I want to make this happen.

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14 Comments on "2016 Love-a-thon Tea Party mini challenge"

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Joy @ For Book's Sake

Your tea party seems soooo entertaining!! This post was wonderful!! I might show up when this is being held, (I’m forewarning you!) Hahaha. I hope you’re having a wonderful LoveaThon!


This party sounds like a lot of fun!
I enjoyed reading your post! :)

Alexa S.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, your tea party sounds fantastic! I want to crash it just so I can meet y’all and experience an Alice in Wonderland tea party :D

Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts

You speak my language with all those pastries — I’ll devour any kind of flaky baked goodness (and the apple varieties are an added plus)! And I love the whimsical nature of your party :D

Erica @ Novel Ink

This tea party sounds fantastic. Whenever I watch Alice the tea party scene is definitely one of my favorites :)


Oh my god, the Alice in Wonderland themed tea party you went sound fabulous. If I had the chance, I would totally go too.

Cait @ Paper Fury

I want to go to a Mad Hatters Teaparty SO BADLY TOO!! It would be insane and fun and insaaaanely fun. XD Plus Alice in Wonderland is like THE best classic in the history of ever. :’)

Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!