Revolution by Jessica Frances

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Revolution by Jessica Frances

I received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 16 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug use, alcohol use, language, and/or violence.
Revolution by Jessica FrancesRevolution by Jessica Frances
Published by Smashwords Edition on January 26th 2016
Genres: Science fiction, Dystopia
Pages: 334
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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I was raised in a world where humans no longer rule.
In the past, we made a terrible mistake by creating a new species we thought would serve us as our army, which led to our downfall.
There was a war, we lost, and many lives were massacred. It was the end of life as we knew it and the beginning of a hell we were now trapped in. We became enslaved to what we now called Superiors, becoming pets to them, simply there to entertain.
In a world so miserable, I managed to do the unthinkable: I fell in love. But even that was doomed, because to love a Superior was forbidden.
What the rest of the Superiors didn’t know was how deeply a human could love or how resilient we became when we were hurt.
The Superiors never could have imagined an uprising, which was why they never saw it coming.
Humans deserved to be free, and I would stop at nothing to deliver that promise.
My name is Tilly, and I am still alive with one sole purpose: to begin a revolution.


I had been raised to believe humans were worthless. We owned them and controlled them, and when we were done with them, we threw them away. Therefore, I never thought I would ever feel more for Tilly than disinterest. I never expected to want to save her.
It was forbidden for a Superior to love a human. No one had ever crossed that line, but I did. I fell madly in love with her, so it was no surprise how we ended up.
I was raised to be a soldier, and that was what I was always going to be. However, I was not a soldier for the Superiors, not anymore.
I became a soldier for humans, and I would stop at nothing to help them. They deserved to be free, and I would die protecting them.
My name is Johnny, and I am here with one sole purpose: to finish a revolution.

Main points

This book was very impressive for a standalone. I really loved the premise. I think it was done well for a standalone—it didn’t seem too long, even though things wrapped up a little too quickly (and nicely, except for one part). Everything before that was handled quite believably.

This book was most definitely very difficult to read. Consider the subject matter. Humans are being treated like a combination of slaves and pets. It was like reading about animal abuse, child abuse, and slavery (and the abuse that goes along with that) all at once. It was cruel beyond measure. It truly made me sick, especially knowing that people do that and did it more commonly in the past (slavery). I think the fact that the book really spared no gruesome details was definitely a positive. If you’re writing on this kind of subject, you can’t sugarcoat it. You just can’t. As a result, this was one of the few books I haven’t been able to read in one sitting. I had to put it aside to get myself in order.

Not just for those aspects, either. There was emotional pain regarding Tilly’s relationship with Johnny. It was more painful reading from Johnny’s perspective. That was cruel for different reasons. This book was just gut-wrenching and emotionally draining all around.

But like I said, it was worth it for premise and reasonable execution. Yes, perhaps it could have been drawn out a bit longer, so it doesn’t seem like it all just happened to work out this way and in so short a time, but I think the way it was handled in the number of pages it was made it a worthy read. There was a lot of detail about the world in the future. It made sense. The plot made sense. Characters reacted mostly in ways you would expect them to—and again, there was no leniency in cases where you wouldn’t expect it.

I thought all the relationships were portrayed very well also. Even the negative ones. There were reasons for everything, good reasons. The good relationships were a bit of light in a cruel world.

There were a few plot twists as well—one of which I can’t say I necessarily saw coming, but I had secretly hoped it would be true from the beginning. Another one afterwards felt so unfair compared to the previous one. But I guess that’s life. It’s not fair.

That’s about it! It’s a great read, but very heavy.

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About Jessica Frances

I enjoy reading and writing paranormal and sci-fi romance, however I will read almost anything if it is written well. My e-reader is FULL of books and I continue to add to them daily. I am a book hoarder and will never change. I love entering new worlds and finding new perspectives to view life through.

Overall: four-stars


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