The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse by Daphne Lamb

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 16 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug use, alcohol use, language, and/or violence.
The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse by Daphne LambThe Girl's Guide to the Apocalypse by Daphne Lamb
on August 11th 2015
Genres: Science fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult
Pages: 218
Format: eARC
Source: ARC from publisher
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Welcome to the Apocalypse. Your forecast includes acid rain, roving gangs and misplaced priorities, in this comedic take on the end of the world as we know it, from debut author Daphne Lamb. As a self-entitled, self-involved, and ill equipped millennial, Verdell probably wouldn't have ranked very high on the list of those most likely to survive the end of the world, but here she is anyway. Add in travelling with her work addicted boss, her boyfriend who she has "meh" feelings for, and a handful of others who had no businesses surviving as long as they have, and things aren't exactly going as planned. But despite threats of cannibalism, infected water supplies, and possibly even mutants, Verdell is willing to put in as little effort as she can get away with to survive.

Main points

This book was a disappointment for me. It was just really frustrating. I wanted to like it, but from the beginning it was clear that this book was not for me.

I understand that after the Apocalypse, things are bound to be a little crazy, but this was a whole new kind of crazy. The way people talked didn’t make sense. Conversations didn’t flow properly and any and all logic flew out the window. It was very difficult to read.

The characters were all extremely stupid and most were very mean, horrible people. Even the main character Verdell was unlikeable a lot of the time. I know she’s supposed to be that way, but I got the feeling that her snark and sarcasm was supposed to make her somewhat relatable or at least make us sympathetic to her. But she was stupid about it, frequently saying the wrong things at the wrong times and expecting things to be better than they were. She didn’t learn anything. However, I was a little mad when she was treated horribly for no reason at all. And that was most of the book. She at least had her priorities in order, more so than anyone else.

I get that this book is satire. I get it. But I would have liked it to be funnier. I would like to not have been so confused by pretty much everything that was said or done. I would have liked to stop reading after the first chapter but I didn’t want the first book I read this year (for a blog tour, no less) to be a DNF. I’m not saying that no one should read this book. I’m just rating it based on how I felt about it. Clearly satires of this sort aren’t for me.

The plot…I guess it was fine and reasonable. Yes, there’s cannibalism, arson, murder, and all those lovely things that you’d expect to find in the apocalypse. Mostly the book was Verdell wandering around, finding groups and being kicked out of them due both to the people being insanely stupid, illogical and mean-spirited for no reason and Verdell not understanding when it’s best to keep your mouth shut and play along. She was left for dead on a number of occasions. And despite it being the apocalypse, no one wanted her. No one was interested in being with her. Big surprise there. Also, a few characters that you thought were dead at the beginning end up coming back. No explanation. At that point I just didn’t care. They were all horrible people in the end and they only came back to make things worse for Verdell, it seemed. Oh well. It was a world that no one should have to live in anyway. They would all be better off not in it.

Well, it was a grueling read for me, but it was a short one, so I was thankful for that. The ending wasn’t completely satisfying, but at least it tied some things together.

  reaction upon finishing

glad that’s over.

this book in one word



Overall: two-stars


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