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Hey everyone! In the usual tradition of after-Christmas book hauls (pretty much the only ones I do), I’m here to share what I’ve received recently. Only physical books are included in this haul.

So under my Christmas tree, I got:

  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz. My aunt is on a mission to send me every Pulitzer Prize winning book, even though I have almost no desire to read any of them. (I gave one a try and could not get through it.) I still might give this one a try though. It’s the least I can do.
  • The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George. This one’s from my mum. It seems interesting and cute so I’ll eventually get to this one.
  • A B&N gift card….

Which I spent on:

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. I had to get this beautiful purple (silver-edged) B&N Exclusive (Collectible Edition). It’s my 3rd Exclusive Alice in Wonderland and my 24th edition of the book overall. However, they also have this equally beautiful collectible edition of the same book and I really want it too. (They’re so much cheaper online, I was a bit of a fool, haha.) Honestly, it’s funny because they have 4 collectible editions of Alice, which is more than any other. I think they have only 1 or 2 of everything else. It’s like they knew which was my favorite and decided to make many pretty editions of it so I’d buy them all. Well, good on them, ’cause I totally will.
  • Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I mean it’s based on Alice, right? So how could I resist? Sad to say I never finished Cinder (though I 100% plan on it at some point, it’s ’cause I started reading it in the store and never actually bought it or anything) but I’m excited for Heartless. It’s gotten mixed reviews but I’m still quite excited. It’s got a high rating at any rate.
  • A Child’s First Book of Trump by Michael Ian Black. I bought it ’cause it looked hilarious. It is pretty good. I don’t want any political talk here though. It shall be my only relevant relic from The Year We Shall Not Speak Of.

And while at B&N, I noticed these books on sale:

Also, the photo above (please don’t enlarge it, it’s terrible quality) is a sort of sneak peak of my newly-organized shelves since I unpacked the rest of my ~600 books. They are CROWDED. I’m super proud of my beautiful Alice shelf though, and I shall take a photo of that once it’s returned to normal one of these days.

So let’s chat…

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? (Did I waste my money, more importantly?)

What are your favorite editions of your favorite books? I love looking at pretty editions.

What did you guys get for Christmas/other holidays or buy recently? Share!



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