happy birthday to me!

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Howdy everyone! It’s my birthday! I honestly don’t remember if I’ve ever revealed my age on here. I don’t think I have. In any case, today’s birthday is a milestone, although not one I personally will be making a big deal about. (Or rather, celebrating as it’s meant to be celebrated.) But I am at the age where birthdays are really just like normal days. Living alone, I don’t even make it special by making pancakes or anything! Who has that kind of time in the morning? I can’t even leave myself enough time to scramble eggs on the stove. (I use the microwave! Blasphemous!) Anyway, I’m not big on parties either, so I’ll usually just go out to dinner with friends or something. And then my parents will come visit and we’ll go out to dinner on another day. That seems to be the extent of my going out! But that’s what I like. I just really like food, too.

Anyway, gone are the days when I would tell people I want books for my birthday, too. Those stopped when I realised that I already had way too many! (I’m pretty darn close to 600, and that’s after donating several.) I still haven’t read a good chunk (if not most) of them, so I should really make a dent in those and possibly donate some more before I even think about buying or asking for more. It just makes sense.

But birthday business aside, I thought I might give you all a little update. I know I keep popping in a couple times a year and giving updates and saying “hey! there are big plans for this blog! expect tons of new features coming soon!” and then even if I start some, I don’t keep up with them. I pretty regularly have blogging/reading slumps lasting roughly half a year. So many people do these days. It hardly needs to be mentioned. But I’m just recognising that there is a pattern. I know about it. I know what I do and the promises I am far too lazy to keep up with. But recently I had a reading spurt. That’s what happens in between the reading slumps. I get super energised and excited about books again and I read like, twenty in a very short period of time, schedule the reviews to go up, maybe start new features, and then announce that I’m back in business. (This is actually what I’ve  just done, as of writing this, almost to the letter.) What I really mean is, I’m back for a month or two, tops. Then the next slump begins! Like clockwork. Even if I have tons of free time in my future, I’ll be busy with other endeavours and won’t be on this blog constantly. Or reading constantly. My crafty side is just as intense as my reading side and I’ll be developing that area of expertise (and that online shop) also. Same probably goes for cooking, now that I’m into that. And all things domestic. So right now I’m getting that all in the open, so I know it’s okay, and I won’t be lying to myself or y’all about exactly where this blog is heading. I’ll probably keep it around for a good long time, if only because I like having a place to organise my thoughts on books, and when people ask me what I thought of a book I read 8 years ago I can pull up my review and refresh my memory. And if you’re still reading this, thanks. Most of you probably didn’t even notice my absence, what with your own lives and the other blogs you follow. Happens to me all the time when I see other people’s “I’m back” posts and I’m like “Oh. Whoops haha, didn’t know you were on hiatus…” And that’s fine, it’s fine if you aren’t waiting eagerly for my next post and constantly being disappointed every time you open Bloglovin’. I honestly don’t do that with anyone, even my favourite blogs. But if you’re curious what’s going on, here it is! And really, thanks for stopping in on my birthday. That was nice.

So, expect some more fun things in the next couple months! (Or at least one month. Let’s be reasonable here :D) In the meantime…happy reading! <3



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