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Howdy! I have been freelance editing since April 2015. I am currently an editing intern at a local publisher and I hope to work for a larger publisher in the near future. So while I do not have tons of professional experience, I do happen to be really detail-oriented and good at catching things  that others miss. I have also dabbled in writing. As I am a book blogger (as well as an avid reader), I have read a great many books and have seen all kinds of things. I can edit from a reader’s perspective AND a writer’s perspective. And, as a lot of people say, you can’t edit your own work. You always need someone else, or several more people, to go over it for you. But because I am not the most experienced editor out there, I will keep my rates comparatively cheaper for now.

It also may be useful to know that I am well-versed in Chicago style and refer to the Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition when making edits.

With that said, there are two main types of editing services I offer. I offer proofreading/copy editing services and content editing. I am willing to do either (or both) but for different rates.

Proofreading // Copy Editing

If you have already had people beta-read your work, you might want someone to give it a final perusal. I will check for typos and other spelling mistakes, grammatical and punctuation errors, and the like. This proofreading is not as intense as copy editing and will not cost as much. I will do my best to make sure it is as print-ready as possible. If I see any major plot holes or inconsistencies (as unlikely as these may be at this point), I will of course point these out.

If you have just finished writing, or only had a few people look it over so far, then I can do very thorough copy editing. This means going line-by-line, word-by-word and checking to make sure everything is as correct as possible. If I have the slightest doubt about something, I will look it up in my style guide. Everything that you may want to consider changing will be pointed out to you. If there is some common debate over an issue, or I know that the common usage is incorrect, I will cite my sources. Not only will everything be grammatically correct, it will look and sound right to the reader. In cases where what is correct may sound unusual (because, again, common usage may be incorrect), I will suggest re-wording it to avoid this conflict, but you can choose to keep the original or correct version if you wish.

Content Editing

This type of developmental editing is most useful in the early stages of the publishing process, before copy editing and beta readers. This is our chance to really bring your story together and make sure everything comes together to make one cohesive story.

As such, this is a more in-depth process than beta-reading or proofreading. I will analyze your world-building, dialogue, characters, and plot. I will make sure everything flows smoothly and there aren’t any plot holes, pacing issues, or inconsistencies.

Copy Editing AND Content Editing

This will be a much longer process and require at least 3 read-throughs. I will read first for content editing and then for copy editing, but I will send you my revisions for both at the same time. My content suggestions will likely be in a separate document if they are larger-scale changes. If you add a lot of writing before sending it back to me to make the final version, you will be charged extra because I will then have to edit the changes. Naturally, the combination of these services will be more expensive than each one individually.


Articles and Essays

I also offer editing services for articles, essays, blog posts, and other short works—however, I only offer proofreading services. For these, I charge either $1 or $2 per page (or 250 words), depending on the intensity of the editing needed. Also, depending on the length and intensity, I can have these done within a few days.

My promise

As I said before, I am not the most experienced with editing, but I am sure that I will help you improve your work. I promise to do everything I can to make sure the work you give me is ready for printing. I won’t hold back criticism. I won’t be cruel, but I won’t sugarcoat anything.  I know what to look for, and I know what other readers will be looking for (and things they won’t want to see).

I won’t be able to make your writing 100% perfect, nor will I guarantee that your story will get 5 stars out of 5 every time. I’m just one person. The more editors you get to read your work, the better chance you have of making it the best it can be. But I will do my best. I will try to make your story as appealing to readers as possible without taking away what makes it your story. I am here to help.


Contact me through email if you are considering my services. Tell me about your book, novella, or short story (genre, a summary, how many pages/words). You can send me a sample of your work, the first chapter perhaps, and I will edit it for free so you can see how I think and work. This will determine how well we can work together. Be sure to mention which type of service you are looking for, and what date you would prefer to have it done by (it is better to be flexible in case I have a busy schedule). If I believe I can help you, I will send back my revisions and a price quote, as well as a time estimate. If I can’t meet your deadline, or if there is some other problem (see My Preferences below), I will likely recommend you to a different editor and wish you best of luck. If you agree to work with me, I will draw up a contract and send it to you to sign. Once that is done, we can begin.

Once you send me your complete manuscript, I will read it through at least three times in order to edit it to the best of my ability. This may take longer, but it is better to be thorough. (One might also note that I am generally a fast reader.) I will read it twice at first, and then I will send it back to you so you can look over my changes. A few changes I may leave up to you, but if I still disagree, I will point it out in the final revision. Please note that after I send back my initial revisions, you may ask any questions about my edits before sending me your revised version. Once you have revised it, you may send it back to me for a final check. I will read it a third time, and if there are any more errors, I will correct them for an additional fee. Final corrections will be anywhere from $20-$40 depending on the intensity of edits needed. After you have revised it a second time, you do not need to send me the entire manuscript again, but you may want to let me know which changes you have made.

This may take up to a couple months (or more) depending on the amount of changes we decide to make.

My Preferences

I would prefer to read books in genres mentioned in my Review Policy, but I’m not too terribly picky. Absolute no-nos are nonfiction and any kind of heavily religious fiction. Books between 100 and 400 pages in length are preferred, unless it’s a novella or a short book of poetry or something like that. That’s pretty much on a case-by-case basis. But send me your work anyway and I will decide whether or not to work with you.


Below are the prices for various services. The final quote will be given through email, but there are a few factors to consider. One is the intensity of the editing. For a few scenarios, see the prices below.

50% of the final quote is to be paid up front. The remaining 50% along with the fee for additional corrections (or a price reduction for any discounts) will be paid upon project completion. 25% (half of the first payment) is non-refundable, so if you decide to cancel after I have agreed to edit your work by a certain time, that amount will not be returned to you.

All payments are to be conducted preferably through PayPal, but I will accept personal checks if that is the only option. I will send an invoice from Paypal to the email you use to contact me (unless otherwise specified) for both the initial payment and the final payment.

Discounts/other changes in pricing:

  • Occasionally I will have a sale. (Often around holidays.) I will apply these discounts automatically.
  • If I have edited a few works for you, you may receive a repeat-client discount.
  • If you refer a client to me, have them mention you. This will get both of you discounts on your current or next project.

content editing

I charge either $.002 or $.003 per word (Microsoft Word Count). If there are a lot of large-scale changes to make, such as developing a character more, adding in more of a character, adding new scenes, or fixing multiple plot holes, then it will likely be $.003 per word because these would involve adding a lot of new writing. For this type of editing, the additional-correction fee will be waived. For example, a work of 82,000 words that only needs minor changes would be $164. If it needed large-scale changes, it would be $246.

copy editing

I charge either $.003 or $.004 per word depending on a few things.  If there are relatively few errors, it will probably be $.003. If there are a lot, or I think it’s going to take several read-throughs, it will be $.004. If you want it done more quickly than usual, it will likely be $.004. For example, a work of 82,000 words that doesn’t need much editing will be $246. A work of the same length that has more than a few edits per page and needs to be done in one month would be $328.

copy editing AND content editing

I charge between $.005 and $.006 per word depending, as always, on the intensity of the work. This may take considerably longer. That same 82,000-word piece would be either $410 or $492.


for new authors

If you have published fewer than 3 books, have only been writing a few years, and/or aren’t making enough money to afford my prices, then you may qualify for new author pricing. This will be at my discretion, so try to send me as many details as you can, and be honest. I will work with you to determine what is a reasonable price.


I am a fast reader. If I am reading a book normally (without editing, but possibly reading to review), I can finish it in a day. On average, 4 hours. However, it will take much longer if I am editing it, because I like to be thorough. Ideally, I can have it finished in a month, if it is of average length (200 pages) and I am not super busy. (That means I can deliver the final version to you within a month.) But, because sometimes life happens, it is wise to schedule at least 3 months before your deadline (be it release day, when you want to have beta-readers look over it, etc.) It really shouldn’t take me more than 2 months to complete any given project, though. This will, of course, also depend on how quickly you can look over my edits and get them back to me. But don’t worry—the deadline you give me is part of the contract we sign. If you don’t have a specific deadline, you can give me a general time-frame you want it done by, or just leave it open. Again, it shouldn’t take me more than a couple months.

I don’t work on more than one project at once, so if I am currently working on a project, you may be placed on a waiting list. I will put you on the schedule for 2 months after the starting date of my current project, but if I finish sooner, I will contact you so that we can begin sooner than your scheduled time. But, again, it is wise to leave ourselves plenty of time, so contact me about your project well in advance of your deadline. I will not move people around on the schedule once they have been scheduled. Once you have a spot (on the schedule or on the waiting list), that spot is yours only. If you suddenly need your work done a lot sooner, I will try to work with you as best I can, but I will not move you up on the list, because everyone else has deadlines too. If I will not be able to meet your new deadline, I will refer you to another editor, and you will lose your spot.

My schedule is currently open.

My Editing Tendencies

Here are a few of the things I do when editing.

  • Generally, all of my edits are only suggestions. I will tell you what doesn’t sound right, and if I can’t figure out what you’re trying to say, I’ll leave the revision up to you, but you really should change it. If I can figure out what you’re trying to say, often I’ll suggest a couple of revisions, but you don’t have to use any of them. Obviously I think it would be best if you did, but ultimately you can choose what to do. If you decide to go with something that I still think doesn’t sound right, I will tell you, but you can choose to leave it in the final version.
  • I will always correct “alright” to “all right.” You don’t have to accept this revision (or any of them), but I will always point it out. This is one of the very few cases in which I will stick to the original spelling instead of the one that is becoming more common in colloquial usage.
  • I have an unusual fondness for em dashes (—) and semicolons. Many people don’t know the difference between hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes, but I always try to use the correct one. Em dashes and semicolons work pretty much the same way, but in some cases semicolons work (or look) better, and in other cases, em dashes. I recognize that excessive semicolons may make writing look too formal, so I will try to alternate appropriately. (:
  • I will adjust paragraphs and otherwise re-format your writing if I think it will flow better. The first time I will make note of it, but the rest of the time I will do it silently (without using the Track Changes feature), unless you would like me to note it every time. (The problem is that it can take up a lot of editing space and make everything look crowded.) So this is something to pay attention to when you read through my initial edits—if you come across a section where I’ve changed the formatting and you like the original way better, you can change it back. I won’t make any formatting changes in the final revision unless it is necessary—for example, two different speakers in the same line.
  • I generally try to always be correct when it comes to grammar, but I recognize that in dialogue, certain exceptions can be made. For instance, if your character doesn’t know that he should be saying “my friend and I did this” instead of “my friend and me did this.” I will always point this out, but ultimately you know your characters best and can determine their speech patterns. It will help immensely if you point these things out before I begin editing, so I know not to correct those. However, the more I edit your work, the more I will recognize patterns and will be able to tell what is a reasonable correction to make. Additionally, I will always correct only the things that a character would not be able to hear in dialogue. No one would be able to hear the difference between “all right” and “alright,” or “your” vs. “you’re.”

Works I’ve Edited // Testimonials

Awesome Book Assessment was excellent. As a traditionally published author, I was a little nervous about taking my first step into the world of self-publishing, because I wasn’t sure I could find the quality of editing I’ve previously enjoyed with my publishers. I’ve worked as a copy editor for many years, so I was very critical when reviewing samples from editors who I was considering working with. After receiving unsatisfactory samples from various freelance editors, Alicia demonstrated her competency in grammar and mechanics in hers. She also provided useful feedback for content edits. At every step of the process, from signing the contract to the completed project, Alicia was professional, courteous, and thorough, which is all I could possibly ask for from an editor.

Also, since she edited my first book under my self-published pseudonym, I have already had several early readers mention the quality of the editing. I’m so appreciative of Alicia for her work on my book, and I look forward to using her again in the near future. I would highly recommend her.

Outstanding Experience!

  • Untitled (edited through Fiverr.com, client username AtlanticBeach)

This was exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for your help. I highly recommend this gig.

  • “You Not Die Yet”: Karenni Refugee Children’s Language Socialization in a Video Gaming Community by Dr. Chatwara Duran (research paper)

Ready to begin, or have any questions?

My email is ANotarainni@yahoo.com. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Also, be as specific as possible in your request so I can help you to the best of my ability. I look forward to hearing from you!

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