Reading Challenge Progress

NOTE: These aren’t entirely accurate because some books that contribute to these challenges don’t have an actual review post, but they are shown as ‘read’ on Goodreads.

2 responses to “Reading Challenge Progress

  1. Wow, this is amazing! You read so much books!! :D I am so proud! I can’t even manage to do these sorts of Reading Challenges because school gets way too much ahead, and reading doesn’t come in too often. Keep up with reading more cool books ^_^ I hope you complete the ones you haven’t yet!

    • Haha I go through phases though! The only challenges I can really complete are the ones where I only have to read a few books, and the Goodreads challenge of course. I go for months at a time without reading things and it really screws me up. But mostly it works out, I spend more time reading than not (:
      Thank youu!!

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